Surat: President Draupadi Murmu’s address at the 20th convocation of SVNIT. Loktej Surat News

Surat: President Draupadi Murmu’s address at the 20th convocation of SVNIT.  Loktej Surat News

President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu in her address said that I am extremely happy to participate in this convocation ceremony of Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat today. I congratulate all the medal winners and students who received degrees. The day of convocation is historic for every institution. This is a memorable occasion of every student’s life. The success of all of you students is not only due to your hard work, but also the support of your family members and the inspiration and guidance of your professors. Therefore, I also congratulate and congratulate the students, their parents, guardians, professors and faculty members for their tireless contribution to the success of the students.

You have got the opportunity to study in this prestigious institute named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, revered as the “Iron Man of India”. Sardar Patel is a symbol of unity of our country. All of you can learn values ​​like determination, dedication and determination from the life ideals of Sardar Patel. By adopting these values ​​you will be able to achieve even the most difficult goals in life.

Dear students, it is a matter of happiness that today the number of girls in engineering colleges and institutes is more than before. I appreciate the daughters for getting education in science and technology and making their future in this field. I congratulate all the daughters who received degrees and medals today. I also request that all NITs together organize such programs, promotions or conferences, which encourage more and more girls to study in engineering and technology institutes.

Recently, I met a group of women start up at Rashtrapati Bhavan. All those women are making great progress in the field of technology. They are contributing immensely to the progress of the country and are also providing employment to the people. After meeting her, my belief has deepened that women will play a leading role in developing the country. Sardar Patel had said on this subject and I quote: “Women in one way are extremely courageous. Men do not endure the miseries to the extent women do. , , So long as women are not sufficiently educated and inculcated with national spirit, till then there will be no prosperity.” [unquote]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am told that SVNIT is working as a regional coordination institute under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. The institute has adopted some nearby villages and is working to find affordable and sustainable solutions to their problems through research and innovations. I am confident that such efforts will also be made by the youth sitting in this auditorium.

Dear students, I am told that the motto of your institute is “Vigyannam Sarathi Nah Syat” i.e. Science should be our charioteer. I urge you, as engineers and scientists, to use your technical skills, problem solving skills for nation building. Let science be your guide and charioteer in harnessing your skills and innovative thinking to not only find engineering solutions that are in line with international standards but also set new standards of innovation, efficiency and inclusion.

I am confident that all of you youth will move forward with the commitment to make India a developed nation. You not only have to think about your job and career, but also use your knowledge, alumni networks and technical skills to create new industries and employment opportunities.
Today there is talk of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence everywhere. The Government of India and State Governments are implementing several programs to harness the benefits of AI technology for the development of the countrymen. Big tech companies are also starting new projects to utilize the potential of India’s AI. It is essential that technology institutes like SVNIT work closely with the corporate sector, NGOs and research institutes towards reducing the ‘AI skills gap’ of the country. Bright youth like you will play an important role in taking India forward in the global race of latest and rapidly changing technologies like AI and Machine Learning. I have full confidence that you all will make efforts in this direction and will also be successful in it.

Dear students, you might have been taking guidance from your family, your friends or other trusted people. But after today your responsibilities will increase manifold. From now on your decisions and actions will impact not only your life but also the organization in which you work. If you create some ideals for your future life and profession from today itself, then in future you will never face any difficulty in choosing the right path.

In the end, I would like to say to all of you that wherever you go in the world, always stay connected to your institution and your roots. This association of yours will help you move ahead and will also prove useful in making life meaningful. I end my speech with the wish that you bring glory to your family, institution and country.


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