‘Tai Orathai’ opens the kingdom to welcome ‘New Nuat’

‘Tai Orathai’ opens the kingdom to welcome ‘New Nuat’

New Nuat – Thanit Kaewnak, the cheerful MC of the New Pasa program, takes you to Nakhon Nayok Province once again. Because he had an appointment with a country singer with the nickname The queen of Dok Ya, Tai Orathai, owner of many hit songs. Ready to take you to enjoy Nathai Natai, a camping style accommodation. In the midst of a natural atmosphere, which Tai invested, put in effort, and designed all by himself.

This time, New Nuat wants to give you all the excitement. Prepare a fun challenge By showing the rabbit a picture Then guess the names of various music albums. Let’s see if the famous singer can guess the name of his own album or not. Let me tell you, a lot of encouragement must be sent to Sao Tai. And ending with the most impressive feeling when Luk Thung Sao Tai Orathai prepares a super chill grilled pork dinner. Coming to you in full form, Tai Orathai revealed her feelings about coming to the New Pasa program this time:

The New Pasa program is actually the first program to come and film like a dinner of grilled pork, talking and chilling like this. Especially during this time, the weather is very good, which is every time I have free time. Tai will come to welcome and take care of you here. If anyone has ever been there, they will meet again. Because here Tai takes care of everything himself and designs it from the beginning. Whatever is not good or doesn’t fit, he gradually adjusts it. For anyone who wants to know what the atmosphere is like here. Come and watch on the New Pasa program this Saturday, February 17th at 3:30 p.m. on Channel 7HD, press 35 “

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