Talleres reversed the procedure for Rubén Botta and his plan B, but in the end paid before the Institute

Talleres reversed the procedure for Rubén Botta and his plan B, but in the end paid before the Institute

Talleres grabbed his head again and again. He had done the most difficult thing against Instituto, turning the 0-1 at the beginning into a very successful 2-1.

However, when the “T” had the closure left – in which perhaps it could circulate the ball, minimally –, it ended up paying for wanting to play from memory. Paradoxically, the mistake was made by someone like Juan Camilo Portilla, one of the most gifted.

The best, as an axis

The best of Talleres had become clear. He had come out of the initial 0-1 that a difficult and concentrated Institute had caused him with two well-achieved goals, but always on the same axis: Ruben Botta.

The foundations of the change were laid in the management of this steering wheel when “Tino” modified the spaces to be able to gravitate more like 10, than on the right, in addition to new interpreters. In that first half, with the former San Lorenzo on a band, he was quite far from Ramón Sosa. Anyway, he managed to put it one-on-one although his overflow was followed by the center behind him looking for Nahuel Bustos or Federico Girotti, who never arrived. That association did not happen because Marcos Portillo and Juan Portilla could not contribute either. Not to mention the sides.

Institute limited that society. In addition, coach Diego Dabove had altered it quite a bit with the movements of Damián Puebla, Gastón Lodico and Jonás Acevedo. They made Talleres quite uncomfortable beyond the 1-0 partial score generated by a penalty from Matías Catalán against the ex-Racing team.

Walter Ribonetto did not wait any longer and put on stage a plan B. Botta to join and more resources: Alejandro Martínez, NB10 as center forward and Sosa plus the entry of Juan Carlos Portillo. The game changed: Manuel Roffo became a figure by stopping the shots of Portillo himself, Portilla and Martínez. He also took advantage of the wear and tear that the rival had made by defeating efforts in the initial stage.

Classic between Institute and Workshops. Photo Pedro Castillo

The last albiazul reinforcement won the right wing and from his first overflow the 1-1 for Bustos was born. Then, Botta went as a forward, Suárez was his unexpected assist and in two halves he made the game 2-1. Talleres kept coming and Botta kept playing. “20” himself had the chance to define the game, but Roffo appeared, Portillo hit the crossbar and Sosa also had his own.

Institute vs Workshops at Mario Alberto Kempes.  (Pedro Castillo / The Voice)

Just by controlling the ball and slowing down a little, Talleres would have happily closed the classic.

Portilla played from memory and “El Morta” Rodríguez tied. The “T” paid for that and, before, for not scoring more.


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