Tamara Falcó’s priest, key protagonist in the non-wedding of the bullfighter Juan Ortega

Tamara Falcó’s priest, key protagonist in the non-wedding of the bullfighter Juan Ortega

Since the bullfighter Juan Ortega decided to cancel his wedding last Saturday, December 2, just a few minutes before the scheduled time for the ceremony, every day new details come to light about the reasons that could have led him to abandon the bride when he was already He was dressed for the big day. Among the novelties, the appearance of the priest, a close friend and spiritual advisor of the right-hander, who was going to officiate the wedding and who advised him not to get married. A key character in this story who has turned out to be an old acquaintance of the social chronicle since he is the same one who suggested to Tamara Falcó that she forgive Íñigo Onieva.

In the program ‘And now Sonsoles’, journalist Pilar Vidal explained that “the first call he makes is to a priest from Barcelona that he had invited.” “He was at the hotel getting ready and was also going to celebrate mass,” he detailed last Monday. According to his surroundings, the matador is a very religious person and he had doubts about him, so he decided to consult his priest. “The priest tells him not to get married, and the next call he makes is to his girlfriend, whom he catches at the hair salon along with her mother,” the journalist says.

The clergyman in question is Josep María Quintana Domínguez who, in addition to being a friend of the Sevillian bullfighter, has a close relationship with other protagonists of the tabloid press, including Tamara Falcó. Confessor and guide to the Marchioness of Griñón, he was at her side when Isabel Preysler’s daughter discovered Íñigo Onieva’s infidelity during her trip to the United States, at the Burning Man festival, and broke off their engagement just a few days after announcing it. The priest was in favor of forgiveness and it was precisely at Christmas 2022 when the miracle of reconciliation occurred for the couple, who picked up their wedding plans where they had left off and said ‘I do’ last month. July.

Now it remains to be seen how the story of the right-hander and his ex-partner will evolve. For the moment, Juan Ortega returned on the same day of the frustrated wedding to his residence in Seville, where he had been living with his girlfriend for three years – plus seven of courtship -, while she has taken refuge with his family. . A family that, according to the latest information revealed in the program ‘TardeAr’, would have been the main reason for the boyfriend to give the ‘fright’.

Argument between groom and father-in-law

As journalist Leticia Requejo explained, “there have been problems between the two families because a year ago they wanted him to ask her to marry him and it was taking a long time.” A situation that had been evident during the pre-wedding party, although they managed to keep the guests from noticing. The Mediaset journalist reproduced a conversation that would have taken place between the son-in-law and the father-in-law in which the bride’s father reproached her for his attitude. “You won’t love her so much when it took you so long to propose to my daughter,” would have been the phrase that precipitated everything and would have led the bullfighter to respond: “You have managed to get us married when you wanted and how you wanted.”

The clash made the Sevillian reflect and he had to convey his doubts to one of the members of his team shortly before the match. “I don’t see it, I don’t see it,” he told her ruefully. And, according to Requejo, “Juan has realized that he was getting married to satisfy his in-laws.”

Be that as it may, what the bullfighter did have to assume was the expense of the wedding, which in addition to the flowers, horse carriages and other preparations, included the banquet for the 500 guests. According to what he has learned, he was the one who took charge of the total. Otherwise, the girlfriend could have claimed it judicially. A legal claim that guests could also make regarding the disbursement made on hotels, meals, dresses, hairdressing or gifts.


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