Tawan..did it right.

Tawan..did it right.

Try to speak in a nice, mature manner!

But..well, the past (self) cannot be erased. and even to be able to sit in the prestigious council In the eyes of people – society still cannot shake off the image..

“Toto” or Mr. Piyarat Jongthep, MP of the Progressive Party “Leader of the Vivo group” 3-inch mob guard escaped!

So that Mr. Toto posted.. “In the case of the royal procession That has spread to groups coming together to attack each other until someone is injured. Over the past several days, I have tried to listen to the reasons and results from both sides.

Enough to see the movement of some parties Therefore, we cannot help but worry that this matter will lead to another level of violence by those who willfully choose to use force over reason.

I think that as an MP, you should use the parliamentary area. To stop or ease the situation that leads to chasing, harassing, and intimidating people who think differently. Before society sees the benefit of using force to solve problems

I will use my quota. To consult with the President of the Council. To the Prime Minister On Thursday, February 15, at the meeting room of the House of Representatives.”

I read it and could only smile..oh, what a brave thing to write. “I cannot help but be concerned that this will lead to another level of violence by those who willfully choose to use force over reason.”

It’s Mr. Toto. “Worry will lead to violence” ..Oh my god. If there was a feeling like this in the days when he was the chief guard Wouldn’t the court have sentenced him to 2 years in prison (with a suspended sentence) for causing chaos?

And as for.. “There are people who willfully choose to use force over reason”, who will believe that Mr. Toto did not think – look at it with bias – bias? And which side is deliberately planning to cause the use of force?

The more the sentence.. “To stop or ease the situation that leads to chasing, harassing, and intimidating people who think differently,” makes you want to ask..

In the case of that brat, is it “thinking differently”? That’s not thinking anymore. But it was the most terrible and shameful act. Trampling the hearts of Thai people until he couldn’t stand it

If Toto wants to stop or ease the situation There is no need to use the President’s Advisory Council. Please send it to the Prime Minister. Wasting water – wasting electricity, wasting time..

Just whisper in the ear of the bastard.. “You stop your behavior now. If you continue, I won’t keep you.” Don’t you dare say it, sir. Honorable MP..huh?

Or..if you don’t dare to speak, try listening (read) to Maj. Gen. Patchara Rattakul or “General Dollar, husband of “Khunying Spider” M.R. Srikhamrung Yukol. What’s wrong? It’s been a while since I revealed the truth. In my heart..

“Love and loyalty to the nation, religion, and monarchy are the true soft power that allows the nation to survive.

and make every Thai person able to show his face to fight other peoples with dignity until today

Don’t let yourself be a social snob. which has never provided even the slightest benefit to the public to cause Thai people to be divided and united It is time that Thai people cannot accept this any longer.”

How is it? Do you still think of it as “different thinking”? Other people see this brat as a “snitch” which means bad luck, bad luck, or if MPs from the Progressive Party will see it differently..

It helps explain things clearly. Don’t act like you’re talking secretly like Khun Phet-Krunaphol Tiensuwan said..

“Tawan’s actions are considered an expression of rights. and freedoms stipulated by the Constitution But it cannot be denied that it is on the verge of violating the security requirements for important people.

It has also created discomfort for many people in society. We would like to remind you of appropriate expressions. and should be reasonable

But we still insist on the principle of equal people. And we also insist on the principles of compliance as required by law.”

I don’t dare to criticize or scold. Will confirm that it is an appropriate action – right and good, then be embarrassed – ashamed. Or afraid of being dragged into the jungle!

If you still insist on the principle of “equal people” then say it clearly..

Sun..you did the right thing!.

San Satorman

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