‘Tawan’ is still outspoken and slams the ‘Police Commander’ for his delusions, denying that there is a movement behind the chaos of the royal procession.

‘Tawan’ is still outspoken and slams the ‘Police Commander’ for his delusions, denying that there is a movement behind the chaos of the royal procession.

February 13, 2024 – at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road, Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon, an activist of the Talu Wang group. Revealed after police uncovered evidence of reasons for arresting journalists for supporting the destruction of ancient sites. Because there was planning and viewing of the location the day before the incident, it is confirmed that it is not unusual for there to be pictures of activists talking with reporters on that day. Because during that time there were activities “Stand-Stop-Lock” has reporters and photographers coming to cover the activities as usual. Ready to say don’t fall prey to IO who tries to say that it’s a discussion and a plan.

However, when asked further whether Ms. Thantawan confirmed this or not. that the images were discussed by journalists and activists the day before the incident It’s not a planned meeting.

Ms. Thantawan said she was not involved in the incident. So I don’t know what was discussed. But it was considered that there was only CCTV footage of people standing and talking. It should not be evidence that it was an appointment to plan an incident. Because just looking at the picture The police were unable to figure out what was being discussed. During the period of organizing the activities, standing, stopping, and imprisoning journalists and activists go about their duties as usual There is no background. There is no support appointment of any kind. As for the evidence that the police have shown, it is confirmed.

As for the matter of the police preparing to charge Ms. Tawan under Section 116 from the incident causing disruption to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s procession, Ms. Thantawan sees no part in the incident. On that day, it was about asking what he was curious about. Therefore, I would like the officials to answer that Actions on that day How is it considered an offense under Section 116? He insists that he will not escape and will wait for the officials to take him into custody.

In addition, Ms. Tawan confirmed that on the day of the incident He will head to the Victory Monument. which has a royal procession On the day mentioned, he did not know whose procession it was. He did not obstruct the procession. But it was only a matter of questioning the police and admitting that there was adventurous driving.

The financial route He can confirm that there is no one behind it. and ready for inspection

Yesterday’s case Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commander, said in an interview that There should be someone giving advice on actions and movements. Ms. Tawan replied, “Don’t be delusional because what you came out to express was truly for the cause. As for asking questions in every activity, In the past, there had never been an adult to answer questions. There was only a warrant issued for his arrest and taken to prison.

Ms. Tawan concluded by saying: If the country’s elders listen to their demands and questions I’m ready and willing to turn around and talk peacefully. Ready to raise hands and solve problems for the benefit of the people.

After completing the interview, it was reported that Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon or “Tawan” and Mr. Natthanon Chaiyamahabutr or “Frank” went out in front of the Criminal Court and the police came to serve an arrest warrant and took them into custody at the police station.

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