“Terrible voice that left me hungry”

“Terrible voice that left me hungry”

“Pain plagued me day and night.” In an interview, Schlager star Anita Hofmann revealed that she suffered from anorexia, bulimia and neurodermatitis for years.

The dark side of fame: As the hit duo “Geschwister Hofmann”, Anita and Alexander Hofmann celebrated one hit success after another for more than three decades. But now Anita has Hofmann opposite Picture reveals that she suffered from anorexia, bulimia and neurodermatitis for a long time.

Anorexia, bulimia, neurodermatitis: Anita Hofmann suffered from serious illnesses for years

Shocking confession from Anita Hofmann: In an interview with Picture Hofmann revealed that she had struggled with health problems for years. According to her own statement, she suffered from anorexia, bulimia and a particularly severe form of neurodermatitis that disfigured her entire body. Original sound Hofmann: “I should and had to be beautiful and at the same time fight against diseases that disfigured me, made me ugly and weak.”

Loud Picture Anita Hofmann’s sister Alexander, who was three years older than her, was the dominant part of the “Hoffmann siblings”. Alexandra made all the important decisions for the beautiful, intact Schlager image – and Anita suffered because of it.

Opposite Picture said Anita Hofmann: “I felt like I was being alienated by my environment and therefore had deep self-doubt, which had a negative impact on my body and my well-being. I couldn’t assert my creative ideas in our duo because my sister Alexandra gave me little space to do so I was reduced to my appearance and so often heard the phrase: ‘Just be beautiful’!”

“For me, lack of freedom and self-doubt became a toxic mixture that ultimately led to an eating disorder,” Hofmann continued. “When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see a skinny 90-pound person, but still my imaginary weak points. There was this terrible voice inside me that made me starve and tormented me when I ate a little more food. I faked normal eating behavior to throw up over the nearest toilet.”

By the way: A pop star had his seventh child at the age of 83.

Caught in a spiral of medication: Anita Hofmann on her long history of illness

Anita Hofmann didn’t just suffer from anorexia and bulimia. she has Picture also said that she had severe neurodermatitis: “The doctors pumped me full of medication. At the same time, they assured me that I would never get well. One consequence of the side effects: hair loss.”

Even handshakes and touches hurt Hofmann. “I had open skin, rashes and pus all over my body. I also suffered from asthma and allergies. Pain plagued me day and night. The suffering means that you can no longer participate properly in life.”

Picture According to him, there was no improvement for Hofmann for eight years. But then laser therapy helped her find a way out of the spiral of medication and overcome her anorexia.

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What is Anita Hofmann doing today?

Anita Hofmann is now a solo singer. She also presented her autobiography. The title: “Just be beautiful”. “The last few years have been like a liberation,” said Hofmann Picture-Conversation. “I got rid of my annoying illnesses and can now take part in everyday life as normal.”

By the way: The wedding bells rang for Anita Hofmann last year.

Anita Hofmann suffered from anorexia: That’s what her sister Alexandra Hofmann says about it

Anorexia, bulimia and neurodermatitis: Anita Hofmann has Picture revealed that she had suffered from health problems for years. Now Anita’s sister Alexandra has also commented. “I suffered from it myself and often felt powerless,” said Alexandra Hofmann in an interview Picture. “It was a big burden on my shoulders and pushed us both to our limits. I often smiled on stage, but cried inside.”

Alexandra expresses herself in Picture-Conversation also about Anita’s accusation that she was the dominant part of the “Hofmann siblings”. “I have always been very spirited and perhaps also space-consuming,” Alexandra explained to Hofmann Picture. “But that was also part of our success, that we were two very different characters. Plus, as the older sister, I always had responsibility for a lot of things. This responsibility sometimes almost overwhelmed me.”

Loud Picture The entire family suffered from Anita’s health situation. Original sound Alexandra: “I tried to help Anita with good advice. It hurt me to see her anorexia and bulimia and not be able to help.” And further: “When Anita finished eating, I could already imagine what would happen afterwards. When I followed her to the toilet, I heard what was happening there. It was terrible.”

But Picture According to him, the difficult times brought the two siblings together. “For me, my sister will always be part of my family,” Alexandra said. “I protect this with every opportunity I am given.”


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