The 1420 system handles the problems of the insured in person

The 1420 system handles the problems of the insured in person

Isfahan Jam Jam Online; Morteza Haji Kazemi stated that 52 percent of the country’s population with 45 million contacts are covered by the social security organization, and stated: Also, 68 percent of the population of Isfahan province, which is about three million and 704 thousand people, are covered by social security; Therefore, it is natural that the branches of this organization are crowded compared to other departments and organizations.

He said: The insurance culture in Isfahan has made 12 to 13 percent of Isfahan’s population higher than the country’s norm. Haji Kazemi further stated that the number of main insured persons of this organization is one million and 273 thousand people and stated: 409 thousand pensioners and their dependents are our direct audience.

The director general of social security of Isfahan province added: the number of insured persons increased by 2.6 percent during the same period of this year compared to last year.

Haji Kazemi further said regarding the payment of pensions: On average, this year we paid three billion and 200 million tomans in pensions, and with the Eid we are going to pay, this amount will be even more. He said: Our short-term obligations, which include hospitalization compensation, wedding gifts, etc., are 45 billion tomans.

General Director of Social Security of Isfahan Province added: We have paid 95 billion Tomans unemployment insurance to 14 thousand 16 people.

He further said: In the field of unemployment insurance recipients, it can also be said that in recent years, the number of unemployment insurance recipients has decreased and now the number of these people has reached 14,000 and will decrease even more. .

This social security official stated that the biggest problem of our organization is that the outputs of our organization are not proportional to the inputs and stated: In the whole country, this ratio is 4.2% and in Isfahan province it is 3.4%, which is a matter of concern. It has created among the people that the social security organization may go bankrupt, while this term has no precedent.

Haji Kazemi continued: There are these incidents all over the world, and measures have been taken in this regard, and people should not worry, and if we approach the tipping point, the laws should be amended and the government’s contribution should be added.

Stating that other costs such as treatment are also very heavy, he added: Regarding intergenerational pension funds, the sustainability of resources is very important, and in recent years we have seen that some funds went bankrupt and their costs became a burden on the government.

Director General of Social Security of Isfahan province said: We provide resources ourselves from insurance premiums, social partners who are employers, and a percentage through the government and from investments.

He clarified: the problem we are dealing with now is the issue of resources; According to the laws, approximately 27 insurance premiums received should be credited to the government’s account, which is counted as the government’s debt, and these amounts have accumulated over many years, and the government cannot pay them all at once.

Haji Kazemi added: “The government should pay its debt to insurance funds and by doing this help to improve insurance services.”

He said: Student insurance and housewives insurance have improved our ratio and in this way we have been able to add two years to the organizational life.

The director general of social security of Isfahan province continued: By identifying new insureds, we have grown by 2.3% until December, which helped to increase the stability of the fund.

Haji Kazemi added: It is hoped that with the development of service delivery using the intelligent system, we will achieve social justice as much as possible, because the general approach of the social security organization is also in line with trust.

He continued: We used the opportunity of the Corona era to provide more services in this regard, and considering the size of the audience we have, we have tried to enter offline and smart services, which, of course, take time to fully and adequately address this issue.

Director General of Social Security of Isfahan Province, pointing to the importance of creating a culture to turn people towards offline services, added: With the 1420 system, people can receive offline counseling by phone, text message and internet, and their problems will be addressed. He continued: This system is active 24 hours a day and we have 20,000 walk-in visits per day.

Haji Kazemi added: By providing 30 services, 70 million visits will be reduced, and in the issue of intelligentization, as a pilot, the lists of insured persons will also become intelligent, and employers will be able to act more regularly because they did not know about this employer before. that his insurance list was rejected or not and they were in debt, but now we have tried to solve their concerns in the smart list and inform them through different channels, and we hope that there will be a higher level of satisfaction in this regard. .

The Director General of Social Security of Isfahan Province further listed the ultimate goal of the Social Security Organization to uphold justice and increase trust and stated: We have tried to provide simpler and more convenient services to the people by increasing trust for the insured, and our audience has better access to their rights. to find

Referring to the efforts of social security to improve the conditions of providing services to the people, he clarified: Many social security services, which are served in around 40, have become offline and smart, and we are trying to deliver the services to the audience in a simpler and more accurate way.

Haji Kazemi pointed out: The important thing is that the change of direction from providing face-to-face services to non-face-to-face services requires culture-building, which does not happen easily, and part of the audience initially resists this issue.

He stated that changing the culture requires more information, and stated: It is necessary to change the procedure in the whole country by creating culture in the province and at lower levels, and we need the help of the media and reporters in the ways of informing and communicating with the people.

At the end of his speech, in response to the question of “Half the World” regarding the increase of the retirement age and determining the duties of those who are included in these laws, he also said: The details of this law are not yet clear for us, and only in the generalities of this law. It is stated that the retirement age has been increased by two years.

Haji Kazemi continued: Regulations should be written according to the population growth rate and life expectancy, and this issue is supposed to be considered in a staggered manner for people who want to retire, so that the disparity of pension funds can be resolved.

/* Hajar Moghdi, journalist of Jam Jam Online


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