The 14th commemoration of the martyrs of Firuzkoh city was held

The 14th commemoration of the martyrs of Firuzkoh city was held

According to Tehran Jam Jam Online, the 14th commemoration of the martyrs of Firuzkoh city on the occasion of commemorating the decade of the dawn of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the mosque of Hazrat Musa bin Jafar (AS) with a speech by Haj Mehdi Taib and eulogies by Hamed Khamsa and Mohammad Reza Noshevar and performed by Seyyed Iman Yar Ahmadi and narrated by Haj Habib Khosrowjerdi was held

In this ceremony, Mahdi Tayeb emphasized that after the revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) sought to preface the appearance of Hazrat Hojjat Ajlullah Ta’ala Farja Al-Sharif, and pointed out: the arrogant had decided to be the leader of the great Satan of America; To block the prelude to emergence in Iran, and up to this moment they have done four wrong actions which backfired and increased Iran’s power.

He added: “The first mistake of the enemy was that after the victory of the revolution, he decided to assassinate the Imam’s companions so that the revolution would fail. Therefore, with this strategy of the enemy, at the beginning of the revolution, we sacrificed many martyrs from the officials of the Islamic system.” Saying that Beheshti, Bahnar, Ashrafi Esfahani, Dastghib ​​and many others were among the martyrs of terror in the beginning of the revolution, Haj Mehdi Taeb said: This malicious act of the enemy caused the system to think of setting up a system to protect officials. He continued: It means a protective power that if you want to protect someone, the enemy cannot harm you.

Acknowledging that the enemy’s entire goal was to assassinate Hazrat Agha, but he could not reach the fourth ring of protecting the Bayt, this speaker pointed out: When the Imam of the Time (Ajlullah) appears; With this powerful protection system, we should be able to protect the life of the Prophet against the enemies, because of the eleven Shia imams who were martyred; Only Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) was martyred on the battlefield and ten other Imams were assassinated. He said: The enemy’s second mistake was the military attack on Iran. Because if it wasn’t for eight years of holy defense; We would not become the military superpower in the world. Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Tayeb continued: The victories achieved in the holy defense and continued self-sufficiency in the production of missiles and military weapons were only the work of God Almighty.

He considered the third mistake of the enemy to be the creation of Daesh in the region and added: This made us to be present in these countries as an advisor with the official request of Iraq and Syria. After the destruction of ISIS, our influence in the region became much greater than before, and the resistance front, supported by the Quds Force, became stronger.

Haj Mehdi Taeb pointed to the enemy’s fourth mistake and stated: After the operation (Al-Aqsa storm) on the 15th of Mehr this year, he entered into a war with the Palestinian people and the resistance groups; that due to the killing of civilians, especially children and women, by the Zionist child-killing regime, there is no more respect for this regime in the world, and with the unity of the resistance front and the entry of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Yemen, and the resistance groups of Iraq and Syria, the speed of Israel’s destruction increased. .

In the end, he emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections in the country and said: If each of you persuades one of your family members, relatives and friends to participate in the elections, it actually amounts to this; that you have brought a Mujahid into Gaza Square; Or you have sent someone to help Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the battlefield with the Zionist regime.


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