The 7 chefs for the world who died in an Israeli attack in Gaza | News from Mexico

The 7 chefs for the world who died in an Israeli attack in Gaza |  News from Mexico

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The NGO and its members have provided more than 500,000 meals to displaced and vulnerable Israelis since the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023

ISRAEL.- Last Monday night, seven humanitarian workers of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Wold Central Kitchen They lost their lives in an attack on the convoy in which they were traveling.

According to the charity and health officials in Gaza, the three vehicles — two escorts and a third — left a food warehouse in Deir al Balah, a town in the center of the Gaza Strip. They had just unloaded more than 100 tons of food that were transported by sea, when they were hit multiple times by explosives.

Satellite images showing the distance between each bombed WCK vehicle |  PHOTO Twitter

The Israeli occupation army eliminated the entire crew with precision and premeditation, the second car was bombed after he rescued the survivors of the firstwhile the third was bombed after he rescued the survivors from the second vehicle.

Lost souls: six foreigners and one Palestinian

World Central Kitchen (WCK) announced the names of the victims of different nationalities on social networks.

It’s a statement, Erin Goreexecutive director of the NGO, denounced the act as not only an attack against WCK, but towards all humanitarian organizations present in critical and horrendous situations where food serves as a means of war.

USA, Australia, Canada and Poland They expressed outrage at the attack and demanded an investigation from Israel to find those responsible. At the same time, Daniel Hagarispokesperson for the Israel Defense Forcesexpressed his condolences and assured that he is investigating the case.

WCK’s role in Gaza

Since the start of hostilities in early October last year, WCK has been operating in Gaza as well as in Israel and Lebanon. By March 29, the organization had shipped more than 1,700 trucks with food and kitchen equipment from Egyptand was working in 68 “community kitchens.”

Furthermore, it has delivered 230,000 meals from Jordanboth by ground and airdrops, and has sent 435,000 meals by sea. Recently, he reported that two more ships They are loaded with 1.2 million meals ready to be sent to northern Gaza.

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Mick Mulroyformer deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East, said the risks to WCK in Gaza are “as high or higher” than in other conflict areas, largely due to the “condensed” nature of the war zone.

“An investigation is necessary to determine why a clearly marked vehicle whose movement was coordinated was attacked in broad daylight by what appears to be a precision weapon,” he said. “That shouldn’t happen.”

Since OctoberNearly 200 aid workers have died in Gazaaccording to the database Aid Worker Security Databasewhich records the main incidents of violence against NGO staff.

Most of those killed since the war broke out worked for the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA), which runs the largest aid operation in Gaza.


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