The Absher platform carried out more than 4.5 million electronic transactions in October

The Absher platform carried out more than 4.5 million electronic transactions in October

During the month of last October, the Ministry of Interior’s electronic platform “Absher” carried out more than 4.5 million electronic transactions for citizens, residents and visitors, through Absher Individuals and Absher Businesses.
Through the Absher Individuals platform, the number of operations carried out exceeded more than 3,150,000, as the Ministry of Interior’s Agency for Civil Status carried out 101,272 identity verification operations, 39,657 electronic renewal operations for the national ID card, 32,911 operations in the Bayanati service, and 25,857 operations. Issuance of a replacement ID card, 20,437 transactions in the advanced Bayanat service, 12,692 family member identifications, 9,992 family registry issuances, and 7,492 damaged ID cards issued.
The General Directorate of Passports carried out the issuance and renewal of 302,380 residence permits, the issuance of 196,729 exit and return visas, the issuance and renewal of 89,363 electronic Saudi passports, 24,382 requests in the resident report service, the implementation of 19,759 operations through the exit and return visa extension service, and 16,085 operations through the issuance and renewal service. Passport for less than 10 years, 12,486 service transfer operations, 8,498 final exit visa cancellation operations, and 1,934 operations in the service of issuing authorization to receive women coming to work.
Through “Absher”, Public Security completed 137,686 operations in the vehicle license renewal service, 87,692 issuance of a driving authorization request, 118,670 operations in the vehicle repair permission request service, 79,056 driving license renewals, and 30,917 operations in the license plate replacement service. 26,484 operations in the service of dropping off abandoned or damaged vehicles, 21,041 operations in selling vehicles, 9,500 operations in the service of vehicle insurance authority, and 7,251 operations in firearms services.
During last October, the platform completed 192,652 requests to deliver documents by mail, and 14,533 reports were issued in the Absher reporting service, in addition to 3,999 general inquiries about fingerprinting.
Through the “Absher Business” platform, the operations carried out exceeded more than 1.4 million. In public security, the operations exceeded 760,849 operations, as 212,548 inquiries about traffic violations were carried out, 173,969 operations were carried out in the vehicle repair permit service for establishments, and 70,300 inquiries were made about vehicle information. And 50,742 transactions in the customs card leasing service, issuing 67,197 internal and external authorizations, adding 65,526 actual vehicle users, renewing 41,471 driving licenses, making 33,420 reservations regarding the transfer of vehicle ownership, issuing 28,530 record-free certificates, and 10,733 authorizations in the authorization service. Driving for visitors, 2,671 inquiries about driver’s license information, 3,649 operations in the air rifle inspections service, and 528 permits issued in the rock cutting materials permits service.
The operations carried out in passport services through the “Absher Business” platform exceeded 375,508 operations in the service of issuing and renewing residence, issuing 112,213 exit and return visas, 46,142 operations in the service transfer service, 19,572 operations in the service of extending the exit and return visa, and 8,155 operations. In the service of requesting a resident report, 7,117 final exit visa cancellation processes, 6,097 processes in the passport information update service, 5,138 final exit visa issuance during the trial period, 3,894 profession modification processes, and 2,669 exit and return visa cancellations.


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