The anger of cinema with children

The anger of cinema with children

Once upon a time, not so far away, not only a significant amount of Iranian cinema productions were related to this genre, but this genre was often at the top of the year’s bestseller list, but the period of stagnation of children’s and youth cinema and the popularity of it began in the mid-70s, and even with the production of works in Last year was not even close to its previous prosperity. These years are kind of dominated by comedy cinema (if we can hardly call it comedy). But regardless of its importance, children’s cinema can turn the wheel of cinematographers again. This genre, in addition to the fundamental importance of children’s and youth cinema in the education of the future generation; The significant financial turnover of this genre is also a reason that requires the practitioners and policymakers of this field to pay special attention to it, because if a basic production and marketing chain is formed for films with the children’s genre, this type of film will definitely bring a significant contribution to the box office, because it should not be forgotten. Let’s say that children go to the cinema with their families to see movies and there is no single sale of tickets. If in the golden decade of children’s cinema, i.e. the 60s, children’s and adolescent films had a strong place among the screens, this issue has seen a significant decline in the 90s. In this context, the analysis of statistics shows that a total of 910 movie titles were produced and released by the producers in the period in question, and the drama genre is at the top with 217 titles, which means a share of 23.84%, followed by the social genre with a share of 22.08%, which is 201 titles. has taken the second place, so that comedies have the third rank with a share of 16.81%, equivalent to 153 titles. This is while the documentary genre holds the fourth place with 93 titles produced in the given period and a share of 10.32%, and after that it is the turn of children and teenagers with the production of 65 films, with a share equal to 7.14%, and romantics also have A share of 4.94%, equivalent to 45 works, has taken the fifth place, and the war drama also has the fifth place with 43 films and a share of 4.72%.


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