The Arab Parliament will file a complaint with the International Criminal Court to investigate the crimes of the Israeli occupation

The Arab Parliament will file a complaint with the International Criminal Court to investigate the crimes of the Israeli occupation

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al-Asoumi announced that Parliament will file a complaint with the International Criminal Court to immediately investigate war crimes committed by the occupying power (Israel) against the Palestinian people.
This came in a press conference held by Al-Asomi today, to announce the Arab Parliament’s international action plan to confront Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, in the presence of the Palestinian representative to the Arab League, Ambassador Muhannad Al-Aklouk.
The Speaker of the Arab Parliament explained that the Parliament’s plan includes asking the United Nations General Assembly to activate its resolution to convene under the name “Union for Peace” to stop the war as long as the Security Council fails to do so, and asking the Arab countries to adopt this proposal, and asking the Palestinian Authority to file a case with the International Criminal Court. To investigate Israeli violations, and to confirm Parliament’s support in the lawsuits submitted by Djibouti and the Comoros to the Criminal Court to investigate these violations.
He drew attention to the fact that there are positive movements that we value and appreciate, noting the outcomes of the emergency Arab-Islamic summit, where the foreign ministers of some Arab countries began the movement that prepares the situation to stop the war on Gaza and launch a peace process on the basis of international legitimacy.
Al-Asomi called for the speedy formation of the specialized legal committee approved by the Emergency Arab-Islamic Summit, to limit all violations against the Palestinian people, to prepare a legal memorandum to be presented to all concerned international bodies, and to prepare a strong legal file through this committee to be submitted to the International Criminal Court.
He pointed out that the Arab Parliament sought to urge the United Nations General Assembly to move in the path of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice regarding Israeli crimes in Gaza, indicating that the Parliament called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to form an international committee to investigate the Israeli massacres against defenseless Palestinians.
The Speaker of the Arab Parliament warned that the danger is not limited to the Palestinians, but rather to all Arab countries, as there is a clear displacement policy that attempts to implement must be confronted, stressing the Parliament’s complete rejection of the forced displacement of Palestinians to any Arab countries.
For his part, the Palestinian delegate to the Arab League, Muhannad Al-Aklouk, stated that Israel is establishing new criminal laws of war, such as targeting hospitals and schools and turning them into military headquarters for the occupation, demanding the necessity of activating the emergency Arab-Islamic summit decision to break the siege on Gaza by land, sea and air, and bringing urgent relief aid to the people. Palestinian.
Al-Aklouk warned of the Israeli plan to displace 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt, calling on Arab and Islamic countries to take the necessary measures to stop the Israeli aggression, and stop the crime of genocide and forced displacement of Palestinians.


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