The arrival of the rainy system in the south of Sistan and Baluchistan

The arrival of the rainy system in the south of Sistan and Baluchistan

to report Jam Jam onlineThe Chief Meteorologist of Chabahar city said: The Sudanese rain system has entered the province from the southwest since yesterday morning, and due to weather changes and rainy skies in Chabahar city, swimming in the beaches is completely prohibited, and fishermen, especially those with small boats, should refrain from going to sea.

Mohammad Reza Salari Fanudi added: The rain started from Zarabad, then Kanarak, and now we have rain in Chabahar, and the peak of the rains is from today, and there is a weak possibility that we will also have rain until the morning.
He continued: “The most rains are on the sea and the coasts. In the cities of Rask, Nikshahr and Qasrqand, an orange warning has been issued and there will be a possibility of rain.”
The head of meteorology of Chabahar city stated: We also have wind during this period, because these rains have gone and we will have thunder and strong winds in the region.
The chief of meteorology of Chabahar city advised people: because there is a strong wind and there is a possibility of lightning, avoid stopping in open spaces and places where there are objects or trees.

The deputy of the headquarters of prevention, coordination and crisis response operations in Chabaharham city said: With the announcement of the marine weather warning of the orange sea level and the possibility of rain on the coast, the members of the crisis management headquarters are on full alert to prevent possible damage from floods and rainfall.
Dadkarim Baloch added: There is a necessary preparation for the orange level weather warning situation and taking the necessary measures for travelers and tourists, and all the devices have been assigned the necessary duties and all the fishermen have been asked to place the boats at a distance from the shore.
He added: All elementary schools have been declared closed today, and the decision to close middle schools, high schools, and universities has been given to the heads of those centers.
The deputy of the headquarters of prevention, coordination and crisis response operations in Chabahar continued: Citizens have been informed to avoid unnecessary traffic on urban roads and trips outside the city during the activity of the rain system, and the necessary warnings about stopping and not driving on the sidelines. Rivers has been exported.
He informed about the equipping and preparation of Red Crescent relief teams and public activists and benefactors at the regional level and noted: All sports halls and special halls of Maritime University, Port Authority, Free Zone and in general public spaces and mosques for public use whose homes are in danger The flood is located, reopened and prepared.
The deputy director of coordination and civil affairs of the Chabahar special governorate said: the water disposal route, tables, roads, bridges and roads in the city, as well as the modification of trees at risk, were carried out by the municipality and the teams of the electricity department to fix possible outages and falling power poles and the water department and Sewers are equipped in case of water failure.
Baloch also pointed to the establishment of road teams in the axes and the opening of water routes, inter-city road bridges of the city by the Road and Road Transport Department.

The governor of Konarak also said: The crisis management headquarters of this city has been put on alert to prevent possible accidents and reduce the damage caused by floods and rains.
Abdul Ghafoor Hout added: All managers should stay in the city until the end of the crisis and cancel all the leave and missions of managers of the executive bodies, and the prefects and villagers should put informing the people and Jihad Keshavarzi informing the farmers on their agenda.
He continued: In order to maintain the safety of the fishermen, the admiralty and fisheries department of the city will prevent any vessel from entering the sea until further notice.


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