The Attorney General opens the activities of the third meeting of the Association of Arab Public Representatives in Morocco

The Attorney General opens the activities of the third meeting of the Association of Arab Public Representatives in Morocco

Mustafa Al-Minshawy

Published on: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 – 8:46 PM | Last updated: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 – 8:46 PM

Today, Attorney General Counselor Mohamed Shawqi opened the activities of the third meeting of the Arab Public Representatives Association, which was chaired by the Egyptian Public Prosecution.

He began his speech at the opening of the General Assembly’s work by thanking the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Kingdom of Morocco, the King’s Attorney General, for hosting the activities of that meeting and conducting it at an honorable level befitting the status and value of the Kingdom of Morocco. He also thanked the Arab Public Representatives, members of the Assembly, representatives of international organizations, and their generous delegations. For their keenness to attend the activities of this important meeting.

The Attorney General stressed that this meeting comes within the framework of awareness of the need to maximize the benefit of international judicial cooperation mechanisms with the aim of achieving effective prosecution of crime in all its forms, and to encourage legal dialogue and understanding between public prosecutions in order to enhance complete justice within a framework of respect for international conventions. This is done through a sustainable Arab judicial dialogue, in which the good relationship is consolidated between public prosecutors and members of the association, ensuring the facilitation of the exchange and dissemination of information, expertise and experience among them, and the development of legal expertise and the use of information technology, to benefit from best practices, to end criminal investigations with a high degree of efficiency and speed of completion. Especially in transnational crimes, such as crimes of human trafficking, migrant smuggling, and money laundering, because of their imminent danger to the economic, political and social systems of countries, which entails more diligent and strenuous efforts for international judicial cooperation and the development of the technical and administrative capabilities and skills of members of the Public Prosecution.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Attorney General renewed his thanks to the attendees, looking forward to their rich interaction and effective contribution to the success of the meeting.


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