The beginnings of spring adorn the Qassim region

The beginnings of spring adorn the Qassim region

With the arrival of the season and the early rains, the Qassim region was adorned with the early spring and the appearance of seasonal herbs and plants, which made the land greener and more beautiful, as the overflows spread throughout the region were filled with rainwater and wild plants appeared around them.
The national parks witnessed a large number of fans of land trips to go out and enjoy the prairies and parks and the beauty of the atmosphere and greenery, as the Qassim region includes several parks, including Urooq Al-Tarfiyya National Park and Unayzah National Park, which are equipped with various services for their visitors, such as parking for mobile vehicles, barbecue areas, and the use of landscaping to take advantage of the shades of trees.
Among the wilderness destinations frequented by Qassim trekkers in the winter are the parks of Tarfiya, Al-Ghadha, Al-Nabhaniya, Saq, Al-Qusha’, and Faydat Sweilem in the Qattan Mountains.
It is noteworthy that the fall of rain at the time of the season is evidence of a joyful spring season, and the appearance of plants at this early time indicates that this season is full of the appearance of truffle mushrooms, sorrel, samaa, bulbul, basbas, qalqilan, clover, and others. It also encourages those interested in wild plants, collecting seeds, and cultivating spring and flowers in Oases and private parks, as well as the appearance of wild flowers such as chrysanthemums and chrysanthemums, whose fragrance exudes with the scent of rain in these prairies spread in Al-Qassim.
What helped these first signs appear was the passage of Wadi Al-Rumah through the governorates of the Qassim region, from which a number of reefs branched off, such as Shuaib, Wadi Al-Dath and Wadi Al-Nisa, and the spread of dams there, such as Al-Isiah Dam and Wadi Al-Mutla’ Al-Yamani Dam in Al-Nabhaniya.


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