the best tricks to find the offers

the best tricks to find the offers

Next November 24th will be celebrated ‘Black Friday’, one of the most anticipated discount days of each season. The event, which originated in the United States, has crossed borders and is now known throughout the world. This 2023, some brands such as Leandra Bags either Mango They have already started to discount their pieces, but most of the brands do not do so until Friday. Others, such as those belonging to Inditex, advance the offers to the night of Thursday, November 23, on their websites and applications.

As happens with summer and winter sales, the most viral or trendy garments usually disappear from ‘stock’ and getting them is not easy at all. Likewise, many people go out to the stores to get ‘bargains’ for the Christmas time, which is just around the corner. Therefore, we leave you some tricks to find the offers.

Tips to succeed on Black Friday

The fundamental thing to get everything you need on ‘Black Friday’ is to know the start time of the offers on each brand. This may vary depending on whether we buy ‘online’, through the ‘app’ or physically. Buying online will always be better than going to stores, since sales usually start earlier. It may also happen that the partners have sales in advance or some stores even start a week earlier.

With this, we must try to be the first and the best way to achieve this is to have downloaded the mobile application of each establishment, which normally has the advantage of being able to buy with offers an hour earlier than on the web. For example, Zara started its discounts at 10:00 p.m. on the 23rd on the web and at 9:00 p.m. on the ‘app ‘. However, entering ten or five minutes early can also help, as sometimes they can show up a little earlier.

With reference to this, it is also important to have the basket ready, with clear sizes and credit card information ready to pay. One of the ‘tips’ that Zara lovers use is to enter the websites from other countries, like Mexico, which lowered everything a few days ago. This way, you will be able to know which clothes will be discounted in Spain and calculate how much you will spend so that everything goes faster and no one beats you to it.

Of course, we cannot forget physical stores. It is true that the ideal would be to go as soon as possible, but of course, some aspects such as work will prevent this. Therefore, if there is something that we want to get, no matter what, the best option is to try to get it online. Still, you can take a look in the shops, there are always some surprise.

If you want to organize your clothes for the holidays, you can make your list with these tricks. Also, if you go into stores like Mango, Leandra Bags or Basyco Jerezyou can now enjoy discounts and other brands such as asosthey will extend them all weekend.


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