The break from the Y Party continues! Another name resigned

The break from the Y Party continues!  Another name resigned

Lawyer Ada Çelik, who served as Y Party Youth Branch Eskişehir Provincial Minister, Youth Branch General Administrative Board member, Regional Coordinator, Supreme Member of Parliament candidate and Central Disciplinary Board member, announced that he resigned.


Çelik, in his statement on social media,

“Y Party, of which I am one of the founding members, has unfortunately become increasingly distant from its established principles and goals and has surrendered its corporate identity to bilateral relations. The management mechanisms of our party, which aspires to power and promises to manage the country’s administration with its projects and strategies, have adopted an attitude based on loyalty, not merit.” By blocking democracy and consultation within the party, a stalemate has formed that cannot even accept criticism on this issue.

I would like to point out with regret that this point was not reached in one day. System problems that have been going on for a long time and that we hope to be repaired, have constantly been swept under the carpet and not only could not be eliminated, but also brought them to a place where they can no longer be tolerated. The attitude taken in the local government elections without self-criticism of the path followed in the presidential election makes us think that our party has moved away from its goals and adopted the comfortable opposition.

The reason why today’s crises and pains have come to light is that the party management thinks that Turkey consists only of Istanbul and Ankara and that the party management consists only of these cities. In addition, it is the method followed in the candidate selection process in local government elections, without relying on any mathematical and social data and without evaluating the realities.


Because the candidate selection process that took place in Eskişehir, the apple of my eye, proved my words to the entire public. It is worth repeating that the exclusion of a Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate who is not based on any mathematical or sociological data and does not live in the city is only a part of these issues that have come to light. Candidate selection processes in our party are no longer carried out according to scientific and sociological data, but based on so-called loyalty (!) and bilateral relations. Unfortunately, at this point, the Good Party, which we established with great hopes and efforts, has become an association of those who love Meral Akener, managed by bilateral relations in front of the General Minister’s door, rather than a political party.

As our party has moved away from its goal of power and its established principles, the suspicion that the candidate selection processes are indicative of secret alliances with the CHP under the name of freedom and independence has increased. As a soldier who has been fighting in this party for years, who has paid a material and moral price to fly the party flag all over the country, and who has never set any expectations for his struggle, even the slightest criticism we have made on this issue has not been taken seriously, and every way has been tried to use the results of our criticism against us.


The efforts of those who work for the party to excommunicate us, by ignoring the party institutions and boards, by a special name close to the chairman and those close to that name, were the last move in the bar. Especially after the resignation of our Eskişehir Deputy Nebi Hatipolu, this mobbing process accelerated, and even private relationships and likes on social media accounts were intended to be used as a threat tool.


Some rumors were created about my family members who have different political views and an unpleasant labeling effort was attempted. By claiming that everyone who leaves is guilty, our party continues to ignore the fact that it cannot get anywhere without asking why, and that it is rapidly losing its current party members by blocking democracy and consultation within the party. In our party, which started without a party yet and which we supported in the most deprived and difficult times, the fact that the new participants in the struggle showed us the door and took this power from in front of the chairman’s office is a difficult situation to bear, and it has become obligatory for me to do what is necessary.


It seems that it is no longer possible for the Y Party to struggle, to show merit, and to heal some wounds over time. For these reasons, I would like to announce to the public that I have resigned from the Y Party, where I served with great dedication at almost every level, such as Youth Branch Eskişehir Provincial Ministry, Youth Branch General Administration Board member, Regional coordinator, Supreme Member of Parliament candidate and Central Disciplinary Board member. I would like to thank my companions, my valued elders, and my brothers with whom I worked throughout my term of duty, and I would like to forgive them if I have any. I hope everyone who has rights over me will forgive me.


As Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; As a Turkish young man who gets the strength he needs from the noble blood in his veins, I will walk alone, if necessary, on the path I believe in and embrace. “In order to avoid any controversy, I would like to put a comma on my active political life for now and state that I will not wear any other political party badge after my resignation.”


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