The Cabildo and Ingenio collude to unblock the airport park

The Cabildo and Ingenio collude to unblock the airport park

He Cabildo and the City Council of Ingenio agreed this Tuesday on the need to unlock the so many times announced and never realized Gran Canaria airport park, a pole of economic development for which Telde must also be counted on and which could be a reality regardless of whether or not the third runway at the airport is built in the end, an infrastructure that, by the way, neither the Cabildo nor Ingenio see as necessary. .

“We must define what type of action is going to be developed in this area,” he stressed. Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo, at a stop during his institutional visit to the municipality of Ingenio, to which he attended accompanied by a good part of the island government. The mayor of Ingenio, Jose Lopez, who led the reception to the island government, is committed to redesigning that polygon designed to serve the airport as an intercontinental connection platform.

That focus placed on the park like the great “unfinished business” It has an explanation. It is the instrument on which Ingenio has set its sights to be compensated for the limitations that having the island’s airport facilities in its territory has meant. “Ingenio is a very narrow municipality, with very few square kilometers and 85% aeronautical conditions, and in which, in addition, the tenderloin, the most important part, is reserved for the future runway,” he complained. “Gran Canaria is in debt to Ingenio, a historic investment debt,” the mayor summarized. «Ingenio is not a municipality with an airport; “It is the airport that has a municipality,” he emphasized.

José López demanded collaboration from the Cabildo, “technical and financial support” to refloat Ingenio, which, in the opinion of its current mayor, began to fall off the shared rail of the train of progress in which Agüimes and Santa Lucía de Tirajana continue to ride now. 20 years and 158 days.

“Year after year we have been losing economy, services, institutional credibility and a long etcetera.” He used as an example of this weakness a comparison between the remnants that Ingenio has been able to reserve for investments, 7.1 million with 32,000 inhabitants, compared to the 30 expected for Santa Lucía. “Ingenio makes the airport and the tourist municipalities the cash register of tourism income.”

In his x-ray of Ingenio he stressed that it does not even have a library and that it has one and a half health centers, a single municipal swimming pool, a single sad theater, which does not even have air conditioning, a single connection, and a very poor one, the highway, and some schools and institutes falling apart. To counteract this reality, he sent the Cabildo a dossier full of projects.

The pact calls for expanding a section of the general road to Telde

In the long list of Ingenio’s requests included the widening of a section of the GC-100, the main road from Telde to Ingenio, around the climb to Las Mejías. This road is widely used by citizens for walking and right at that point there is hardly any pedestrian crossing. The delegation visited the place and also approached the site where the senior residence will be located in the Mondragón area, which must be reoriented due to the proximity of the future ring road.


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