The Cabildo investigates a possible discharge of sewage in the Maspalomas Pond

The Cabildo investigates a possible discharge of sewage in the Maspalomas Pond

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria investigates a possible discharge of sewage in the Maspalomas pond. So This is confirmed by the Environment Minister of the island institution, Raúl García Brink, that this Friday he announced that the agents of his department in charge of surveillance of the Special Natural Reserve of the Maspalomas Dunes, of which La Charca is a part, drew up minutes to open an information file.

García explains that in the coming days they will try to determine the origin and type of spill that may have occurred. In any case, according to eyewitnesses, the supposed river of polluting water originated this Thursday and started from a pipe that empties into the channel of the Maspalomas ravine, which, in turn, ends up in the Charca. That pipeline is buried under the Ángel Luis Tadeo street, jnext to Tony Gallardo Park.

This Friday there was no longer any runoff, but the puddles that formed in the canal remained and even reached the point where pedestrians were prevented from passing, just before the landscape space that serves as an anteroom to the Pond itself. Although the spill itself had occurred the day before, the water gave off a strong smell and even revealed some rest of the wipes, typical residue that is usually found in fecal discharges.

Point where the spill came from.

Arcadio Suarez

The Cabildo also plans to consult the San Bartolomé de Tirajana City Council to try to clarify whether it was aware of this runoff and if, in that case, it has any information.

There were tourists and locals who were passing along the canal this Friday who could not stand the bad smell, which intensified during the hottest hours and was concentrated in the stagnant puddles, so they conspicuously covered their noses.

This possible spill occurs just in the week in which a new session of the Governing Board of the protected space was held, during which measures for its safeguard were agreed upon.


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