The castle is like something out of a fairy tale

The castle is like something out of a fairy tale

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Work on the renovation of the “Tajemniczy Garden” kindergarten on ul. Walery Sławek in Sępolno, Wrocław. The historic building, which the residents of the estate call “the castle”, is already pleasing to the eye. The investment cost nearly PLN 770,000.


Photo: Krzysztof Świercz / Wrocław City Hall / Press materials

The transformation of the building is impressive. A year ago the building looked bad. Chipped walls, damp, nets protecting the falling plaster. President Jacek Sutryk decided that the kindergarten would undergo renovation. The contractor renovated the facade of a nearly 100-year-old building along with the architectural details of a stylish tower, renovated granite stairs, installed new balustrades, renovated the entrance door, and made new foundation insulation. Another important element is the reconstruction of the facility’s veranda. The new storm sewage system will allow the area to be properly drained. Excess water will go to the rain garden where shrubs (purple willows), ornamental grasses and perennials have been planted. For the safety of children, a video intercom was also installed in the facility.


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