The Chambord bet – Le Parisien

The Chambord bet – Le Parisien

Perched on a watchtower and ready to draw a downward shot at the wild boar. Last Friday, the national domain of Chambord organized a regulation hunt for more than two hours under the aegis of its new director Pierre Dubreuil. Around thirty elected officials of all political persuasions met there to perpetuate the hunting tradition of the estate, including a few regulars like François Baroin, the former senator Pierre Charon, the president of LR Éric Ciotti, the boss of the Renaissance group in the Senate François Patriat, or the socialist Claude Bartolone.

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The opportunity for these beautiful people to also share the feast, a pretext for political discussions. Particularly on the formalization of the “Rural Alliance” list for the next European elections, led by the vibrant Willy Schraen, president of the national hunters’ federation. The initiative is causing a lot of discussion behind the scenes. Some accuse the Élysée of being involved in the creation of this list which could take votes from the RN – big favorite in the election – and also from the Republicans. Since Chambord, everyone has had their own opinion and their own little bet.


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