The civilian part of February 28 was not tried! – Authors – Fadime ÖZKAN

The civilian part of February 28 was not tried!  – Authors – Fadime ÖZKAN


Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of February 28.

In order to ensure that the national will does not dominate the administration of the country and that Turkey does not leave the yoke of the USA, NATO and the West, it has been repeated every ten years since 1960 and is also called “balancing“called blows”millenniumIt was the version that was staged three years before, on February 28.

So it wasn’t as rough as the previous ones.

This time, the coup plotters also used employer organizations, unions, universities and the media to mature the conditions for the coup and to conceal the crime of the coup.

Or vice versa. Civilian-looking tutelage centers were using the military to maintain the tutelage order!


The first unrest started when the Refahyol Government was only in its second month.

The government was barely established on June 28, but the coup plotters said “bring raki, my sonHe had already taken action with his password.

What comes next is a chain reaction.

The danger of sharia arose suddenly.

Would Türkiye become Iran?

Statements, statements, threats one after another…

The first material put under the coup cauldron came from the judiciary. At the opening of the judicial year, the cover of violating the constitution, national will, human rights and freedoms was presented to the powerful forces.

This time the main idea of ​​the coup is “The importance of secularism and the danger of sharia” would happen.

The Supreme Court of Appeals and the Bar Association published declarations and statements.


The main actor of the rentier economy, aka “bosses club“TUSIAD”the economy is getting worseHe demanded early elections on the grounds of “.

However, the situation of the employees was very good!

Prime Minister Erbakan He gave the highest raise in the history of the republic to workers, civil servants, retirees and even soldiers.

And TÜSİAD was disturbed by this…

Because Erbakan put an end to the state’s borrowing from private banks at high interest rates, and collected the revenues of public banks and SOEs in the same pool, using public resources that were not stolen, in favor of employees.


For the coup “necessary condition“So it was formed!

The gods wanted a sacrifice, but there was something strange here!

The uneasiness of the bosses, who were used to the robbery routine, was understandable, but what was happening to the workers’ representatives?

In the previous coups, the unions, which had come to the coup plotters with strikes and lockouts to ensure that salaries were paid on time, let alone demanding raises, this time were shouting “the government should resign” after the high raises.

Later “gang of five” TOBB, TİSK, TESK, DİSK and Türk-İş management of the period, known as “, placed full-page advertisements in newspapers to force the Erbakan government to resign.

They all talk about the threat of reactionism with the same formulaic sentences, “army duty” he said.


It’s a bag-style bag that will take you even if you put it inside.secular-bigot template” was produced.

The Western Working Group, formed by coup plotter soldiers, was working.

In the reactionary briefings, they were telling members of the judiciary, media representatives, business circles, academics, and civil society that headscarved girls, imam-hatip students, and children attending Quran courses were even more dangerous than the PKK.

It was easy to explain this to his accomplices, but how would the society be convinced?

That’s where the media stepped in!


Among the bosses who could not rob the state through private banks were media bosses.

Owner of Hürriyet, Milliyet and Kanal D Aydin Doganowner of ATV, Sabah and Yeni Yüzyıl Dinç Bilginowner of Show TV Erol AksoyOwner of Posta newspaper Mehmet Ali YalçındağStar’s owner Cem Uzan et al.

It had only been 4-5 years since private television channels went on the air. There were no rules, no moral reservations, no broadcasting principles on the screens.

Violence, sexuality, bad examples, all kinds of evil flowed in a wild way. When it came to news, the screens and headlines would portray a dark Türkiye.

Uğur Dündar, Ertuğrul Özkök, Fatih Çekirge, Ali Kırca, Reha Muhtar, Zafer Mutlu, İsmet Berkan, Ergun Babahan, Yılmaz Özdil, Mustafa Balbay, Murat Yetkin, Ayşenur Arslan and others like them would chase the imam-hatip students through the streets with the reporters they sent.


A photo taken while the children are wearing skullcaps and praying will make newspaper headlines the next day.the picture of reactionismIt was reflected as “.

Or anything that will make young girls who are not enrolled in the school they passed the exam with their peers just because they wear a headscarf, or who cannot get into the school because their registration has not been renewed if they are in the upper class, therefore seek their rights on the sidewalks with tears, as a threat!

But after a while “Of course, no one took this bait.“!

This is when a fiction came into play to embarrass religious, conservative people in front of society and to put headscarved people who stand up for their rights under suspicion.

What matters is its function, not whether it is real or fictional. Müslüm Gündüz-Fadime Şahin-Ali Kalkancı love triangle It suddenly filled the screens and headlines.

A series of disgusting disgraces were revealed.


Finally, what was wanted happened: The government fell!

Girls wearing headscarves were expelled from their schools. Their lives were irreversibly broken in half, their rights and dreams were stolen.

Children with Imam-Hatip degrees were punished by being sent to schools with lower scores, rather than schools where they could qualify, due to the number of floor restrictions.

The back of conservative Anatolian capital, called green capital, has been broken.

Those who were dismissed from the public sector and the army. Those who were expelled. Those who were made criminals…

The Welfare Party and the Virtue Party, which was opened later, were closed. Sent to the Parliament by the vote of the people Merve Kavakci She was booed and expelled from the Parliament because she was wearing a headscarf.

Yes, those who did this were the armed coup plotters on stage.

But the Supreme Court was behind them. Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Council of State…

There was YÖK. Kemal Gürün, Kemal Alemdaroğlu and psychological torturer Nur Serter There was. Necla Arat There was. Turkan Saylan There were etc. There was media, business circles, labor organizations.


The February 28 coup, which was said to last a thousand years, was thankfully left behind thanks to the will of the nation, Erdoğan’s leadership and the institutional presence of the AK Party, and its traces were erased as much as possible.

We tried the coup plotter soldiers later.

They were convicted. Their ranks were even stripped. Mighty commanders were reduced to private status. Some went to prison, some died outside due to dementia.


The civilian foot is still there.


There are very few civilians who are regretful and repentant. Many are still waiting for their opportunity.

Turning into a party to take care of criminals CHP and formerly DSP He even brought many names from the civilian side of the coup to the Parliament. He made it a flag.

After 27 years, most of them have lost their sphere of influence, yes. It continues to act as an enemy of the state and the nation in its own way, at the extremes it strays from.

However Nur Serter, Ertuğrul Özkök, Fatih Altaylı Some people like him should have been held accountable for their actions.

Their rights were not handed over, they were so complicit in the coup that they deserved to be tried.

“From behindWe didn’t know well!” It looks like their calculations are up to the day we say it.


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