The contract to renew the validators of Gran Canaria buses is frozen

The contract to renew the validators of Gran Canaria buses is frozen

The Administrative Court of the Cabildo has provisionally suspended the tender procedures to contract the supply of intelligent systems for the management of the supply and access to public passenger transport on the island requested by a participating company, Grupo Mecánico del Vuelo Sistemas SAU, which had been excluded for not meeting one of the technical requirements of the sheet.

The agreement paralyzes a contract that began in June by the Single Transport Authority (AUT) with an estimated value of more than 26.67 million euros for five years. The main objective is to renew the current validators of the entire fleet of buses and their services, but it also includes the launch of a sales network, as well as its operation.

The current cancellers of the urban and interurban transport lines were financed by the AUT, through agreements with the operators, and implemented in 2009, 14 years ago. The winner of the new You must install 643 and leave another 65 for spare parts, repairs and expansions of the fleet. All will be connected to the future Mobility Control Center planned for Tamaraceite.

Global and Municipal Bus vehicles at the Tamaraceite interchange.


According to the specifications, the new desks must allow the sale of single tickets, the on-board recharging of contactless cards and the issuance of incident tickets, in the case of damaged cards or cancellation problems. Besides, 339 vehicles will have a second cancellation device next to the rear door for trips that require validation upon departure due to fare requirements.

The contract whose processing has been frozen is divided into several services: the supply, implementation and start-up of the cancellers, with a budget of 9 million and an execution period of 6 months; its maintenance, with 8,625,000 euros for five years (at a rate of 1,725 ​​million annually); sales network operation, with 6,250,000 euros for five years (1.25 million per year); and its exploitation with 1.8 million in four years (450,000 euros annually).

The supply, implementation and start-up includes central information control systems, equipment for the sales and operation network, the creation of a website and a mobile applicationself-selling machines and the necessary training for drivers and other island public transport professionals.

A Guaguas user signs in when entering the vehicle with a QR code.

A Guaguas user signs in when entering the vehicle with a QR code.

Arcadio Suarez

With this contract the AUT intends incorporate more secure monetary systemsnew card recharge functionalities and payment systems through bank card.

The concessions, until 2027

The specifications provide that as In 2027, the six current regular public service concessions will endand that that year the AUT must put them out to tender again, the successful bidder must reinstall the on-board equipment, if applicable, in the buses of the future successful bidders.


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