The crisis continues in the İYİ Party! Buğra Kavuncu resigned from his position in the party

The crisis continues in the İYİ Party!  Buğra Kavuncu resigned from his position in the party



After the local elections, there is no calm in İYİ Party. İYİ Party member Buğra Kavuncu announced that he resigned from his position as the President of the Organization. Kavuncu made the following statements in his post: March 31 local election results showed that; In metropolitan cities, the race was generally between two parties, and rather than voting for the candidate they wanted, voters turned to the strongest candidate to prevent the party or candidate they did not want from winning.

Another situation is that party affiliation has almost disappeared in many of the metropolitan cities with which alliances were previously made, such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Adana. It is obvious that the alliance system strengthens the big parties and dissolves the parties with a slightly lower vote share. It is important for a party that does not have a rigid ideological view, is reasonable, and will be positioned at the center to confront the realities of life and determine policies accordingly, to assert its claim in local governments in order to continue its existence.

Otherwise, it carries the risk of becoming an apparatus of another party. The election results have confirmed this once again.

As it is known, after the general elections, our party decided to enter the 31 March local elections without an alliance and the process of determining candidates has started all over the country. During this process, no one requested candidacy for Istanbul, except for some names that were reflected in the public opinion. Since there was no development in this direction within the party, the task fell to me. I gladly took on this responsibility for my party.

After the decision was taken, I started my work and explained my projects without lowering the level, claiming that I would be a better mayor. I listed my criticisms. In fact, there were some who did not like my criticisms and found them inadequate, and there were also people who stated that I had gone too far. Some claimed that I was beating myself up by working too hard for nothing, and some claimed that I was not working on purpose.

Despite all this, I tried and struggled to keep the name of my party alive in the most honorable way that I believed in and found right. However, we have to admit that we completed the elections with a result far below our expectations.

Under all these circumstances, by fulfilling my responsibility, I am resigning from my position as the President of the Organization, which I have been holding for 8 months, both in order to ensure that our extraordinary congress can be held in a more healthy and democratic environment and in direct relation to the result we achieved in Istanbul.


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