The critical meeting is over! Emphasis on fight against terrorism in MGK

The critical meeting is over!  Emphasis on fight against terrorism in MGK


The declaration was published after the MGK meeting held at the Presidential Complex under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.Here are the critical decisions taken at the MGK:

1. Information was provided to the Board about the operations carried out with determination, determination and success at home and abroad against all kinds of threats and dangers to our national unity and solidarity and survival, especially PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG, FETO and DAESH terrorist organizations.

2. We expressed satisfaction with the fact that the strategic cooperation basis established with our neighbor Iraq is getting stronger day by day; The importance of continuing joint and multidimensional efforts with a long-term approach, especially in the fields of security, economy, energy and transportation, in order to build a prosperous region and future, was emphasized.

3. It was underlined that terrorist organizations and their supporters will not have any place in the future of our region; It has been pointed out that it is important for all actors who encourage terrorist organizations to act with common sense and cut off their contacts with terrorism permanently and without delay.

4. It has been stated that the attacks of the PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG terrorist organization targeting our citizens and representatives living in Europe are being closely followed; States, which are responsible for preventing the heinous attacks that reveal the true face of the separatist terrorist organization and punishing those responsible, have once again been reminded of the fact that their tolerance of terrorist organizations will sooner or later result in the disruption of public order and ultimately their own becoming the target of terrorism.

5. It has been stated that not preventing Israel’s attacks and inhumane practices that ignore international law, which continues the massacre in Gaza despite the decisions of the International Court of Justice and the United Nations Security Council, will increase the current weariness of the international system and lead to its legitimacy being further questioned. It was emphasized that not only the perpetrators but also the collaborators will have to face the consequences of the massacres that took place before the eyes of the world; We called on the international community to end the attacks against the people of Gaza and aid organizations as soon as possible and to support our efforts for lasting peace by providing comprehensive humanitarian aid to the region.

6. It was emphasized that we are pleased that the local government general elections of 31 March 2024 were held in an environment of peace and trust, in line with our strong tradition of democracy, with the foresight of our citizens and the diligent work of all our institutions. It is respectfully presented to the public.


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