The death of Israel’s most bloodthirsty general by Hamas

The death of Israel’s most bloodthirsty general by Hamas

to report Jam Jam onlineAccording to the report of Al-Qaira 24 news site, Hamas fighters destroyed an Israeli military vehicle in Gaza, as a result of which several Israeli soldiers, including Ezra Yashin, were killed. DNA tests recently proved the death of Ezra Yashin, the oldest volunteer member of the Israeli army.

According to the report of this Egyptian website, the Israeli army invited this 95-year-old general to participate in the Gaza war in order to encourage the soldiers. He told the soldiers not to pay attention to the cries of Palestinian children and to continue killing civilians.

But some news sources do not consider the published reports about Yashin’s death to be accurate and emphasize that he is not present on the battlefield, but his duty is only to help the soldiers and provide them with military advice.

Last month, Sky News published news about Ezra Yashin’s presence in the Gaza war.

According to the Sky News report, Yashin said in a conversation with the German newspaper Bild: “I was called to participate in the war, but not to fight, but to give morale to the soldiers.”

On the other hand, until this moment, none of the Israeli sources and international media published the news of Ezra Yashin’s death.

Who is Ezra Yashin?

Ezra Yashin is known as one of the most bloodthirsty Israeli commanders. He also participated in the Diriasin massacre on April 9, 1948.

In his speech, he demanded that all Jews be armed. He said to the Israelis: “Don’t keep even one Palestinian alive, kill them all.” Kill their mothers and their children. If you have Arab neighbors, attack their houses and kill them. Don’t expect the Iron Dome to be active all the time. Get involved and destroy their houses. Our enemies have no right to live.

Recently, in a conversation with the German Bild newspaper, he said: I participated in many wars and survived hundreds of times. Anyone who wants us to be destroyed should be wiped off the face of the earth. This time we will win the war.


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