The deputies of the PSOE, Sebastián Franquis and Manuel Hernández. Efe

The deputies of the PSOE, Sebastián Franquis and Manuel Hernández.  Efe

Monday, November 20, 2023

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He Socialist Party in the Canary Islandsdoes not foresee changes in the structure of this political organization behind the appointment of its general secretary, Angel Victor Torresas Minister of Territorial Policy.

On the other hand, there will be a restructuring of the Parliamentary Group where the party leader wasuntil today he takes possession of his portfolio in Madrid, president. Likewise, starting this Tuesday, the Autonomous chamber will register the loss of Torres as a deputy of the PSOE.

He parliamentary spokesperson and leader of the PSOE in Gran Canaria, Sebastián Franquisindicated yesterday that there will soon be a meeting of the regional executive“with Torres in front”, to talk about the changes and, later, it will be the group that makes the changes.

Yes, he stressed that “it’s not going to be considered” the substitution of the new minister as party general secretary in the archipelago. He remembered that the regional congress that chose him as ‘number 1’ in the archipelago was celebrated a little over a year ago and, for the moment, it is not the intention of the socialists to proceed with an advance of the conclave, although he added that “There are people interested in doing this approach”. Torres and the executive, he pointed out, will continue to lead the PSOE.

In the presentation of the amendment to the entire budget of the autonomous community for 2024, Franquis also mentioned the outgoing Minister of Industry and Tourism, Héctor Gómez from Tenerifeto indicate that “has fulfilled at a complicated time” and emphasized that he knew how to establish “excellent relationships” with the economic sectors and highlighted the boost to European funds. He added that “he is aware that stages open and close.”


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