The drastic decision of María José Campanario after years of secrecy

The drastic decision of María José Campanario after years of secrecy

During the last years, María José Campanario He has advocated keeping his private life away from the public spotlight. So much so that she chose to privatize her Instagram account and that only her acquaintances and those close to her could find out about her through her publications. However, in the last few hours and after some time thinking about it, the woman Jesulín de Ubrique has taken the step of making his profile public on said social network, thus allowing everyone to have access to the snapshots he has published during all this time.

«A few months ago I began to consider the possibility of leaving this account public. Especially since Jesús opened his own account here and I began to receive many requests. He had many other things pending, so, welcome,” the dentist wrote along with a snapshot in which she appears smiling. Likewise, quickly, her wall has been flooded with messages applauding her determination. “If you’re ready, olé”, “my aunt is now going to be an ‘influencer'” and “how pretty my girl is”, are some of them.

María José Campanario’s followers do not stop increasing. Although first thing this morning he already had 15,600, right now he has 17,400. Of course, the woman from Jesulín de Ubrique only follows 1,775 people. In his biography, he makes himself known as Coté and highlights, with great pride, his profession: “Dentist.” And most importantly, he has 24 snaps that have been posted between August 31, 2014 and today. More than twenty photographs that review her life over the last nine years and in which you can see the love she feels for her husband.

Of the 24 snapshots that we can find on her wall, seven are dedicated to her husband – six of them are moments with him and one last with the right-hander’s face with a revealing message: “As far as the light reaches.” Furthermore, among the remaining publications we can find several ‘selfies’ of María José Campanario and another practicing as a dentist. Also other landscapes. Will he follow in his daughter’s footsteps? Julia Janeiro and will she make her way as a content creator?


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