The electoral roll continues to rise, with almost 102,400 voters

The electoral roll continues to rise, with almost 102,400 voters

José R. Sánchez López


Sunday, February 11, 2024, 11:11 p.m.

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The year opened with an electoral census made up of just 102,356 Lanzarote residents with the right to exercise the vote, according to the value contained in a report released by the Cabildo Data Center. A new historical limit is set.

Given the trend of recent months, in the European elections in June it is very likely that the Lanzarote electoral roll will have a minimum of 103,000 citizens with the right to vote. Every semester on the island it is common to see an increase of at least a thousand components.

It is in Arrecife where the electoral roll has the largest number of members, 43,787 on the first day of 2024; being again I would make the counterpoint, with 4,094 voters possiblethem. In both territories these are the highest values ​​ever.

Likewise, 2024 opened with numbers never before reached in the remaining five Lanzarote municipalities. Teguise began January with 15,729 citizens with the right to vote, San Bartolomé with 13,951, Tías with 10,878, Yaiza with 9,088 and Tinajo with 4,829.


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