The Emir of the city visits Yanbu Governorate

The Emir of the city visits Yanbu Governorate

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Medina region, visited Yanbu Governorate, at the beginning of His Highness’s inspection tours of the governorates to see the system of public services provided to residents and visitors of the region’s governorates.

During the visit, His Highness chaired the meeting of the local council in Yanbu Governorate, in the presence of Governor Saad Al-Suhaimi and a number of governorate officials and members of the council. During the meeting, issues related to the governorate’s services and development projects, and completed, ongoing and future projects were reviewed.

On the other hand, Prince Salman bin Sultan met with the people of the governorate, including citizens and directors of civil and military government departments. During his meeting with the people, His Highness pointed out the relative advantage enjoyed by Yanbu Governorate and what it has achieved to become an important city in the industrial development system at the national level, in light of the efforts The efforts made by the Kingdom’s government to make Yanbu a city with economic dimensions, distinguished services, and an integrated infrastructure that provide high levels of quality of life programs for its residents and visitors.

For his part, Murad Al-Arawi stressed, in a speech he delivered on behalf of the people of the governorate, that Yanbu receives the attention and care of the wise leadership like all the other governorates of the Kingdom, pointing to the aspirations of the people for Yanbu Governorate to be a leader, participant and active in the system of the region and the nation and contribute to construction and development under the light and interest of the wise leadership. -May God support her-.


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