The employee from Nuoro no longer working: “Forced to take the test in the company bathroom. Then I was fired because I was pregnant”

The employee from Nuoro no longer working: “Forced to take the test in the company bathroom.  Then I was fired because I was pregnant”

«I was forced to take a pregnancy test at work. And a month later they fired me because I was pregnant.” Stefania (the fictional name is the one she would give to her child, if she were a girl) is twenty years old, lives in the province of Nuoro and after having reported the case to the CGIL she is now telling her story of her lost job and violated rights.

Let’s rewind the thread, when was Stefania hired?

«Last November 15th, from a small company that has contracted cleaning services in a company in the industrial area of ​​Nuoro. I had a permanent Multiservice contract after passing the one-month trial period. And that’s when the trouble started.”

What happened?

“In mid-December I wasn’t very well for a few days, the employer brought me a pregnancy test and in front of two male colleagues I barely knew asked me to do it immediately, there in the office bathroom.”

Didn’t this seem illegitimate to you?

“Of course, I told her that that request didn’t seem normal to me, even though I had nothing to hide.”

“Me, forced to take a pregnancy test in the company bathroom and fired because I was pregnant”

by Viola Giannoli

How did the employer react?

“He told me: ‘If you don’t do it, I’ll fire you.'” And she was forced to accept. «Yes, I didn’t want to lose my job, I need it, and I didn’t even know my rights, I didn’t know that I could refuse without consequences. I went into the bathroom and came out with the negative test result.”

When did you find out you were pregnant?

«Mid-January. I had constant nausea, I went to the gynecologist at the local health authority, she made me repeat the test and the ultrasound and I discovered I was expecting a baby. I explained my work situation to the doctor and she gave me a certificate for early abstention from work due to a high-risk pregnancy from January 18th to February 25th.” And that’s when she turned to the union. «I was afraid of losing my job, I went to the Inca CGIL patronage, they explained to me that I had the right to protection regarding my pregnancy and they sent the electronic communication of the pregnancy to the INPS and to my employer».

Did the company call you?

«Days went by, they didn’t call me back from work and my salary didn’t arrive. So on February 16th I turned to the union again to explain that I had not received my January salary.”

Is this how she found out she was fired?

«Yes, even though I didn’t receive a letter of dismissal. The company sent the Unilav communication via WhatsApp on the termination of the employment relationship “for just cause”. That’s what it says.”

And what would be the “just cause”?

“According to them I would have hidden the pregnancy and while pregnant I would not have been able to carry out the job for which they hired me.”

How did you feel about your dismissal?

«I was very disappointed because we don’t live in gold. Filcams Cgil reported my case to the Nuoro Labor Inspectorate, the local ASL and the INPS. I hope the situation gets resolved, because it’s not right. In the meantime, the most important thing is that the child is well.”


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