The European High Representative calls for action against Israel

The European High Representative calls for action against Israel

The European High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, stressed that we must stop courting Israel, that it stop the killing operations in Gaza, and that we must take actual action and respond to what its forces are committing.
Borrell said in a press conference following the meeting of development ministers of the European Union countries in Brussels, in the presence of Philippe Lazzarini, Director General of UNRWA, that many leaders and officials are expressing astonishment at what is being committed in Gaza and are flocking to Israel in courtship and demanding that it exercise restraint and not exaggerate in unnecessary killing. proportionately but to no avail and it is time to act.
Borrell asked: Where does Israel want the Palestinians and those it deports from one place to another to go? Do you want them to go to the moon?
Borrell promised that saying this is not considered anti-Semitic behavior, and that Israel has not provided the Europeans with any solid evidence so far regarding the accusations against UNRWA.
Felipe Lazzarini, Director General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, for his part, explained that he will not yield to Israel’s demands and will not submit his resignation, nor will he resign at a unilateral request, and that UNRWA will continue its mission to help the Palestinians.
He added that he provided clarifications to European officials about the reality of the situation and about the course of the various investigations, explaining that the investigation in the future must reflect what everyone has committed, specifically targeting schools and hospitals and using United Nations facilities in Gaza for military actions. In reference to what the Israeli army committed, he said that it is a necessary investigation and must To be comprehensive and actual this time.


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