the expert was pleased with the forecast — UNIAN

the expert was pleased with the forecast — UNIAN

The reason for the decrease in prices is the decrease in the price of oil on the world market.

In the coming week, prices for gasoline and diesel may continue to decrease, which has been observed in recent days.

As the director of “A-95 Consulting Group” Sergey Kuyun said at the briefing, in contrast to liquefied gas, the supply of which has caused problems due to the blockade on the Polish border, there are not even minimal signs of a shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel on the market.

“As proof of this, last week individual chains started to reduce prices. Yesterday there was a fairly massive stage of reduction, large chains reduced prices for the hryvnia. I think this process will continue, I think in the next ten days to a week we will see another reduction prices, prices may fall by a couple of hryvnias,” said Kuyun.

According to him, this will not be the limit of price reduction for these types of fuel.

“Because what helped us a little bit, saved us, helped us is that the price of oil and petroleum products on the world market decreased quite significantly. If it was at its peak in September, it was 95 dollars per barrel, then today it is 80-82. And, accordingly , purchase prices are also decreasing, and now this process has spilled over into retail,” the expert noted.

Regarding the forecast until the end of the year, Kuyun noted that no problems are foreseen for gasoline and diesel, and, in his opinion, the price reduction will continue in the future. According to the expert, the situation with liquefied gas should settle down in December.

“As for next year, no one gives long-term forecasts in this area, as we can see, this year has shown what all the forecasts are worth. This market has become completely unpredictable, it is very difficult to forecast it, mainly due to the fact that a very large role now it is in some oil-producing countries,” Kuyun noted.

The situation with fuel in Ukraine

The director of “A-95 Consulting Group” Sergey Kuyun said that blocking the border by Polish carriers led to a deficit and a 30% increase in prices for imported autogas in Ukraine. Now it is very difficult to replace the necessary volume of liquefied gas, which cannot yet cross the border.

However, the expert is convinced that the prices should stop there, and in two weeks the market will be provided with sufficient volumes of autogas, after which the price will fall.

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