“The fiction on Mameli on Rai 1 was good but what happened to the one already started on Don Gallo?”, the Community of San Benedetto and the choices of Meloni TV shows

“The fiction on Mameli on Rai 1 was good but what happened to the one already started on Don Gallo?”, the Community of San Benedetto and the choices of Meloni TV shows

«Nothing against Mameli but the series on the patriot who composed our anthem could very well have coexisted with the one dedicated to Don Andrea».

Domenico “Megu” Chionetti, spokesperson for the Community of San Benedetto al Porto since 2013, the year of the death of its founder Don Gallo, intervened on Mayor Marco Bucci’s Facebook page revealing an unprecedented background.

The mayor’s post was an announcement on the series dedicated to Goffredo Mameli which will be broadcast on Rai1 today and tomorrow. “A way to rediscover history – writes Bucci – the miniseries was partly filmed in Genoa, Goffredo Mameli’s hometown. A great opportunity to promote our territory. The wonders of Genoa will enchant millions of spectators once again.” End of the post with the inevitable flag of San Giorgio. Many users intervene and then Chionetti’s first comment appears: «Rai should have made a drama on Don Gallo before the Meloni government, this is the replacement production, a positive opportunity without doubtful but why cancel and lose the other one?

And then, in another comment he explains: «the figure of Mameli is an excellent way to remember the history of our country, of our tricolor born in Reggio Emilia with the Cispadane republic and then from 1945 linked to the constitutional values ​​born from the partisan resistance in our country! A Genoese at the center of the history of the unification of Italy! But I write with full knowledge of the facts. The Rai fiction project on the life of Don Gallo was more than in existence, so I presume the Giorgia Meloni government and the structures in Rai had something to do with it as well as the government. Let’s hope it happens. It would be a wonderful opportunity to have the historic center as a set – and the city as a set, in short, as has already happened and could happen again, to talk about the fragilities and invisible people often mentioned on these pages. Mayor Marco Bucci has always recognized the figures who have marked the history of our city such as that of Don Gallo.”

From what was learned in 2022 there had been formal contacts for the creation of the fiction and the Film Commission of Genoa had already taken action. Mayor Bucci himself, celebrating the five years since the death of Don Gallo, wrote about him: «I want remember the figure of a Genoese and a priest, a man often “inconvenient” due to his positions, but always close to the least as demonstrated by the experience of the community of San Benedetto. He was loved by many, criticized by others. However, his life was an important testimony and his “points of view” developed comparisons of ideas that sparked debate in our city community and beyond. Even if I personally did not share some of his positions, as mayor I want to remember him above all for the good he did for many.”

Don Gallo, despite his passing, still remains an uncomfortable character due to his positions on issues not shared by all such as anti-fascism, the liberalization of drugs, civil rights, including protest.


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