The fight between Baby do Brasil and Ivete is already the meme of Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Tony Goes

The fight between Baby do Brasil and Ivete is already the meme of Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Tony Goes

São Paulo

“Everyone pay attention because we are entering an apocalypse. The rapture has everything to happen in five to ten years. Seek the Lord while it is possible to find him. Thank you, guys.”

It was these hopeful words that Baby do Brasil found appropriate for Salvador’s Carnival: reminding revelers that the end is near.

Ivete Sangalo’s reaction has already made history. The singer was “perplexa”, to use the joking spelling that the web adopted to write “perplexa”. And she elegantly criticized her colleague: “there is no right apocalypse”.

Baby even asked Ivete to sing “Pequena Eva” next, but the Bahian preferred to follow the setlist and went for “Macetando”, her current big hit. The other only had to say “oh, glory”.

In addition to Baby do Brasil’s lack of knowledge, something else catches my attention. It’s the shamelessness of how some evangelicals (not all, of course) forget the limit between public and private, and come to disrespect other people’s faith with their, let’s say, enthusiasm (I don’t want to say fanaticism).

All over Brazil, attacks on religious sites of African origin are multiplying. Statues of Afro-Brazilian entities are vandalized, while monuments to the Bible are erected. Public libraries prohibit books such as those in the children’s saga, which talk about witchcraft.

The singer from Rio de Janeiro doesn’t even attend one of the most restrictive churches. There are denominations out there that prohibit any type of dance. In fact, she founded her own church, the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

OK, the beef between Baby and Ivete doesn’t hold a candle to the seriousness of any of this. But it left me confused. Would it be a teaser of what’s coming?

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