The fire at the MiG plant – the analyst hinted at who might be behind this case – UNIAN

The fire at the MiG plant – the analyst hinted at who might be behind this case – UNIAN

Kovalenko emphasized that the corporation was, as it were, purposefully destroyed, in agreement with the main competitors.

Military and political observer Adeksandr Kovalenko pointed to the reverse side of the fire at the MiG plant in Moscow.

The analyst noted that the MiG aircraft construction corporation has been systematically destroyed in recent decades, since it did not receive large state orders. He emphasized that the plant “could not develop new combat aviation projects, found itself at a broken trough with the project of an attack UAV, and even after the release of the MiG-35, which was created in pain and suffering… it did not receive a contract for it, allowing to launch large-scale production.”

The corporation was, as it were, purposefully destroyed, to the agreement of the main competitor – “Sukhoi”, since all “Su” aircraft are recognized as wanted by the Russian Air Force.

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“As a result, the corporation suffered multibillion-dollar losses, the staff was reduced, and the survival of MiG is primarily ensured by the maintenance of the fleet of these aircraft available in the Russian Air Force, as well as the provision of services to foreign operators,” Kovalenko explained the situation.

The expert noted that, taking into account the current position of the MiG corporation, “the fire at the factory, for whom it would be quite appropriate and even very timely. At the same time, it would be possible to blame some Ukrainian UAV.”

However, as the analyst noted, the burning military-industrial complex plant is not a sign of a Ukrainian legacy. “Sometimes they burn because someone else is interested in it. And sometimes they burn simply because they can’t keep it from burning,” he concluded.

Fire at the MiG factory in Moscow

In the afternoon of February 13, it became known that a fire broke out at the MiG plant on Moscow’s Leningradsky Prospect. According to preliminary information, the reconstructed workshop attached to the factory building was on fire.

The representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense Andrey Yusov noted that the plant is obviously directly related to the supply of components to the military and space forces of the aggressor state.

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