The first edition of the “Human Capabilities Initiative” conference will be launched next February

The first edition of the “Human Capabilities Initiative” conference will be launched next February

You go Business Initiative conferenceH Human capabilitiesH FY I copiedH thefirstYes dayY 18 and 19 Shaaban 1445e Corresponding to February 28 and 29, 2024 AD, FY King Abdulaziz CenterY For conferences in MedinaH Riyadh, under the auspices ofH The owner of the poisonAnd the kingY theprince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, andY Al-Ahed, Prime Minister, Chairman of the committeesH Development programmeH Human capabilitiesH -saveH LH.

And he comesY The conference was held under the slogan “Preparing for the Future,” hosted byMore From 6000 experts and specialists, And150 global speakers who ledH The headY and experts and policymakers from governments, the private sector and the non-profit sectorY And think tanks from 50 countriesH, They meet inY Riyadh; For a participantH Best practices and reviews of global success storiesH Inspiring, researching zenithH Cooperation FY DevelopH Human capabilitiesH With the relevant authorities forcontribution FY Setting an agendaH worldwideH SustainableH, Innovates solutions to human capabilitiesH Of the age groupsH All, to bring about radical transformationsH, Looking forward to the future, and contributing to…Y Building a promising future.

The Minister of Education, Chairman of the Committees, explainedH ExecutiveH For development programmeH Human capabilities, theMr Youssef Al-Benyan, that the conference is thefirst Type ofH As a platformH worldwideH cooperativeH, Aims to Unifying international effortsH, Enriching global dialogueYes, What contributes?Y DevelopH The future of human capabilities, and building a global economyY prosperous. Pointing out that the conference will discuss the most prominent challengesY CrownH OrganizedH Human capabilitiesH FY In light of global variables, and the most important skillsY required by the future of the global labor market, addition to The impact of rapid developmentsH FY Technical fieldsH And the economicH perhapsYes Human capabilities.

He emphasized my importanceH Topics:Y SixHandedHere are the conference sessionsY OrganizeH Development programmeH human capabilities, Sunday Vision realization programsH KingdomH 2030, and its role in…Y Motivating and guidingH International discussionsH FY DevelopH Human capabilities, which contribute toY Building strong economiesH And flexibleH To confrontH Future challenges.

It can be viewedYes More details about the “Mobader” conferenceH Human Capabilities” by ZiyarH the site:


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