The Forum for La Isleta appeals to the renovation of the megayacht workshop

The Forum for La Isleta appeals to the renovation of the megayacht workshop

The Forum for La Isleta presented on the 15th of this month a resource before him Administrative Litigation Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria against a resolution of the capital City Council, dated September 13, 2023, by which it grants Rodritol SL «estimatory urban planning license for ‘Project renovation for nautical center for care services for large sports boats and other similar professionals’ located in the Refuge Dockin the Port of Las Palmas.

From the citizen platform, which brings together various neighborhood, social and cultural groups from the capital neighborhood, it is noted that “although we have not received direct communication of the resolutiondespite expressing our interest in the project, we went to the Contentious-Administrative Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to question the legality of this process».

That is why they have now requested in writing from the Court that a claim be made against the municipal administration “the submission of the file” and that it be delivered to his legal representation for “the formalization of the demand and following the procedure in the legally established manner, issue a sentence declaring that the agreement now contested is contrary to lawagreeing to its revocation.

Other protests by the Forum for La Isleta in front of the municipal offices.


«We are taking this measure with the objective of ensure transparency and legality in the administrative processes that affect our environment,” they point out from the citizen platform.

Furthermore, the Forum for La Isleta states that “in our request to the City Council, prior to filing the appeal, we ask for the environmental evaluation file related to the urban planning license of the project. A demand that he claims was never satisfied.

Something that is also included in the appeal presented in court, which specifies that this request to the City Council of the capital of Gran Canaria was made on March 17, 2023, “in accordance with Law 27/2006, of July 18 , by which the rights of access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters (Directives 2003/4/EC and 2003/35/EC)”, since the Forum “has among the purposes accredited in its statutes the protection of the environment of the La Isleta neighborhood and the promotion of environmental protection in general , and understands that such purposes may be affected by the environmental evaluation of the project for which a license has been approved through the resolution that is now being appealed.

Likewise, in the appeal presented last Wednesday, the Court is requested to “agree to require the City Council to, together with the administrative file, provide the Environmental Evaluation File of the initial project” of the megayacht workshop, as well as “the entire environmental information referring to project renovation».


Regarding the reform of the project, the document includes a reduction of ships intended for the painting work of megayachts under the argument that, with the improvement in processes, it is no longer necessary to house the entire ship inside, since there are techniques based on partially covering it.

He adds that this implies rethinking the distribution of the buildings initially planned, which allows conventional workshops to be built. For what I know decreases height of the repair warehouse intended for the painting processes of boats 24 meters at 10.50.

«Visual impact» to which is added «pollution»

The reform of the project states that the new distribution «reduces considerably the building volumetry», thus improving «the integration and impact from the view of the city towards the Port.

However, from the Forum for La Isleta there is another reading of these changes. «By reducing the dimensions and having less height, the yacht will not fit in the workshop. «How are they going to do the work, outdoors??”, he points out Felix Alonsopresident of the city platform of the port neighborhood.

Alert “visual impact” “This is going to affect the citizens” who “are going to run into half a yacht outside the workshop.” To which will be added “the pollution» which assures implies the activityadds the representative of the Forum


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