The head of Naftogaz declared a cosmic salary – how much he receives

The head of Naftogaz declared a cosmic salary – how much he receives


The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, receives a salary 22 times less than the head of Naftogaz, Oleksiy Chernyshov. Shmyhal declared his salary in the amount of UAH 81,237. Meanwhile, the head of Naftogaz receives UAH 1.7 million per month.

This is stated in the OBOZ.UA material. The Prime Minister is responsible for the economy, social, communal spheres, medicine and education of the entire country. During the war, the work of the government also depends on meeting the needs of the military. It is the Cabinet of Ministers that is a shareholder of the national company Naftogaz Ukrainy.

In 2019, Alexey Chernyshov earned an average of 26,000 rubles. UAH, working as a minister development communities and territory. A lot of work, responsibility, attention and little money. But soon Alexei Chernyshov was appointed head of Naftogaz. In the declaration for 2023, he showed an average monthly salary of UAH 1,781,025. This is almost 22 times more than the prime minister earns.

The government also controls the national energy generating company “Energoatom”. Last year, the head of the company Petr Kotyn received an average salary of UAH 393,066.

Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko is responsible for the financial stability of the entire country, finds means to finance the budget, and is responsible for the level of the national debt. In his declaration for the past year, the minister showed an average salary of 93.5 thousand. UAH This year, according to the department’s dashboards, the average monthly salary of the Ministry of Finance leadership amounted to 97.4 thousand. UAH (data for January).

An ordinary specialist of the Ministry of Finance earns 38.4 thousand. hryvnia per month. It is the Ministry of Finance that controls the shares of state banks, including the largest – PrivatBank, Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank. While Marchenko earns 93.5 thousand on average UAH, Rodion Morozov, acting head of Ukrgasbank, receives a salary of UAH 870,000. (on hand after paying taxes – UAH 683.3 thousand).

One of the largest banks, Oshchad, paid its chairman Sergey Naumov 1 million 53 thousand in February. 194 hryvnias And his colleague from Privat, Gerhard Besh, earns UAH 1.4 million a month. That is, the head of a bank belonging to the Ministry of Finance earns 15.3 times more than the minister himself.

As previously written by OBOZ.UA, the court will reinstate the employee of NAEK “Energoatom”, who was suspended from performing his duties in February 2022, and pay him 18.2 million hryvnias in compensation. This is explained by the amount of the employee’s salary – before the dismissal, he received 726.4 thousand. hryvnia (about $19 thousand).

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