The incidence of sports injuries has increased

The incidence of sports injuries has increased



Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. İbrahim Tuncay warned that sports injuries should not turn into permanent disabilities and said, “Permanent damage may occur in case of multiple injuries in sports injuries, in case of delay in treatment, insufficient rehabilitation and failure to comply with the basic rules of rehabilitation, in case of returning to sports in the early period after treatment and in case of recurrence of injuries.” .

Drawing attention to the danger especially in children and young people, Tuncay said, “Disproportionate training before the maturation of the musculoskeletal system is completed and overload on the body are the two most basic risk factors of sports injuries. Especially in popular and media-told branches such as football, very talented athletes at the beginning of their professional careers are at the level of beginners, which can be considered simple.” Underestimating injuries and not treating them properly brings serious risks in the long term. Consciousness of clubs and families on this issue contributes to the continuation of the sports life and performance of many potential star athletes without interruption.

For those who do amateur sports outside of professionalism; Today, due to the increasing perception of visuality, heavy sports done unconsciously and supplements used without measure and without knowledge also pose great risks that can lead to death. Regardless of age; Lack of adequate warm-up and stretching exercises, inappropriate astroturf pitch, and use of inadequate and inappropriate sports equipment are also general risk factors. Sports that every individual can do; It can be determined by special evaluation according to your age, weight, physical characteristics and general health condition. “Any sports activity done by heart may cause orthopedic problems,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Although the most common sports injuries vary depending on the sport played, Tuncay listed the main reasons as follows: “The most common injuries in football, which is the most common sport in our society, are muscle injuries, intra-knee injuries (meniscus injuries, ligament injuries such as the anterior cruciate ligament, cartilage injuries and their combinations), in basketball and volleyball, shoulder and elbow injuries, knee injuries, foot and ankle injuries.
Touching on the treatment options for sports injuries, Tuncay said, “Depending on the condition of the injury, it is evaluated in two different ways as surgical and non-surgical treatments during the treatment process.

In general, PRP etc. is used for muscle injuries. Modalities such as local injections, hot application, electrical stimulation, physical therapy such as USG can be applied. Non-surgical solutions can also be considered for meniscal injuries that do not show complete separation. “However, surgical treatments can be applied to detached meniscus lesions, anterior cruciate ligament lesions, and cartilage injuries, especially in professional athletes,” he said.


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