The investment and exhibition work of the 2023 Tianjin Fair has completed 1,500 booths and invites you to visit and negotiate.

The investment and exhibition work of the 2023 Tianjin Fair has completed 1,500 booths and invites you to visit and negotiate.

Tianjin Northern Network News:On November 21, the reporter learned from the press conference of the 2023 Tianjin Trade Fair and PECC Expo that this exhibition will be held in Tianjin from November 23 to 26. The main exhibition hall of the exhibition is located in the first phase of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin), and a talent sub-exhibition hall is set up in the Municipal Manpower Promotion Center. At present, all the investment and exhibition work for this Tianjin Trade Fair has been completed, and all preparatory work is proceeding smoothly.

This Tianjin Fair is co-sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Commerce, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and the China Chamber of Commerce. It is jointly organized by the Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Municipal Cooperation and Exchange Office, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, and Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

Deputy Director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced Li Hong that this Tianjin Fair will be held offline for the first time after the epidemic stabilized in three years. With the theme of “Consumption helps build a new development pattern”, this conference aims to enhance the brand influence of exhibiting companies, expand product orders, increase audience participation and satisfaction, and increase the activity of the exhibition market.

The reporter learned from the meeting that this exhibition is divided into three major sections: investment negotiation, commodity trade and talent exchange. There are 1,500 international standard booths, including 1,300 in the main venue of the National Convention and Exhibition Center and 200 in talent sub-venues.

Hall S1 is an e-commerce exhibition area with 245 standard booths, mainly displaying high-quality products from representative manufacturing companies, foreign trade companies and brand companies in Tianjin. This exhibition focuses on the theme of “digital marketing: a new driving force for the growth of manufacturing foreign trade”, focusing on creating an e-commerce exhibition area, setting up “Tianjin” procurement along the Belt and Road – Tianjin’s international cooperation achievements exhibition of enterprises going abroad, and “Tianjin” in the digitalization of global trade. Jin” product image exhibition. More than 200 well-known companies in the city participated in the exhibition, including Jinlun Bicycle, Fulin Technology, Dimension Explosion-proof Tools, Baolong Packaging, and Carpet Association. More than 100 domestic and foreign mainstream e-commerce platforms and leading cross-border e-commerce ecological service companies, including Amazon, Newegg, Microsoft, eBay, and Star Commerce, are invited to the site for procurement negotiations. Based on the city’s further expansion of opening up to the outside world to improve trade quality, through new foreign trade formats, we will help exhibitors enhance their brand influence and create a new platform that empowers the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Hall S2 is the PECC, import and export commodity exhibition area, and time-honored brand exhibition area. The PECC and import and export commodities exhibition area brings together special import and export commodities from Russia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries and regions, covering categories such as food, wine and beverages, beauty, daily necessities, high-end toys, handicrafts, maternity and baby products, etc. In addition, 4 business matching activities will be held to build an effective platform for Tianjin companies to carry out international exchanges and cooperation.

This year’s time-honored brand exhibition attracted a total of 83 companies from six provinces and cities including Hebei, Shandong and Zhejiang, including Hengshui Laobaigan, Dezhou Braised Chicken, Jinhua Golden Ham, Huaishantang Yams, and Zhang Yiyuan Tea. Among them, companies from other provinces and cities Enterprises account for more than 80% of the total, and the exhibited products cover more than 2,000 types of specialty foods, clothing and traditional handicraft products.

Hall S7 is an exhibition area for high-quality agricultural products. It will focus on displaying the city’s high-quality agricultural products, Tianjin agricultural products, and Tianjin agricultural products for supply and marketing.

Hall S8 is an exhibition area for domestic provincial and municipal cooperation and exchanges, counterpart support, large enterprises, and overseas Chinese products. Display the economic development of domestic participating provinces, cities and regions as well as their respective location, planning, industry, environmental advantages and enterprise investment projects. 19 delegations from Beijing, Chongqing, Hebei and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as Qingyang, Qamdo and Wanzhou participated in the exhibition. In addition, COFCO, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission, and the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission have confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

In order to highlight the characteristics of “overseas Chinese”, Tianjin overseas Chinese business enterprises at this Tianjin Fair for the first time set up a specially decorated exhibition area with the theme of “overseas Chinese products” and the main line of “creating high-quality life and serving high-quality development”. 13 consumer services companies enterprises, 7 technology-based enterprises, and a total of 20 overseas Chinese business enterprises participated in the exhibition.

In addition, this Tianjin Q&A will hold a number of conference-within-a-conference activities, including the 2023 China Tianjin Industrial and Commercial Cooperation and Development Forum, the Bohai Forum on International Commercial Law, the Tianjin Cross-border E-commerce Development High-end Seminar and the Foreign Trade High-Quality Development Forum, Tianjin The establishment ceremony of the Joint Conference of Municipal Development Zone Investment Promotion Agencies and docking exchange activities, PECC import and export commodity docking conference, etc.

Li Hong introduced that based on the structure and functions of the original Tianjin Fair, this Tianjin Fair will further highlight the theme of consumption, gather domestic and foreign business resources, cultivate new formats and models of international consumption, enhance consumption realization, stimulate the potential of the consumer market, and build The new consumption sharing, exchange and cooperation platform will be built into an important window that embodies Tianjin’s characteristics, showcases Tianjin’s style, promotes Tianjin’s consumption upgrade, and is an influential regional commodity trading event in northern China. (Jinyun News reporter Zhao Yingyan)


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