the journalist disclosed the plans of the USA in February 2022 — UNIAN

the journalist disclosed the plans of the USA in February 2022 — UNIAN

Washington was preparing a large-scale evacuation.

At the beginning of a full-scale war, the United States of America was preparing to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine, because they were convinced that Kyiv would fall within three days.

Polish journalist Zbigniew Parafyanovich told about this in his book Polska na wojnie (“Poland at war”). According to his data, the White House intended to take 40 thousand people out of the country, including the entire Ukrainian political elite and establishment.

Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, was the most skeptical about Ukraine’s chances. Because of this, he had disputes with the head of the Office of the President of Poland for International Policy, Jakub Kumoch, who was convinced of the country’s victory.

Because of these doubts, the United States did not want to supply Ukraine with heavy equipment, and later – fighters, writes the journalist. The transfer of T72 tanks was agreed upon only after the meeting between Biden and Duda.

Other facts from the book “Poland at War”:

Earlier, the journalist told how the plane in which the Polish president was flying to meet with Biden was urgently landed due to problems. Then Poland considered the option of an attempt on Duda.

He also states that after the Russian attack on Ukraine, Lukashenko considered the possibility of escaping from the country through Poland.

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