The Journalists Syndicate rejects the Zionist threats to launch a military operation in Rafah

The Journalists Syndicate rejects the Zionist threats to launch a military operation in Rafah

Published on: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 6:18 AM | Last updated: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 6:18 AM

The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate announced its strong rejection of the Zionist entity’s threats to launch a military operation against “our people” in the Palestinian Rafah, and stresses that these threats come to reveal the extent of international complicity in the face of Zionist crime and the genocidal war being practiced against the Palestinian people, and its attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause. Amid complete international silence.

The union also strongly condemned the US President’s position in support of the Zionist threats, and considers it a green light to launch the attack, kill civilians, and ignite the region, adding a new crime to the record of American crimes, Biden’s crimes against the Palestinian people, and declared participation in the war of extermination.

The union confirmed that at the beginning of the fifth month of the war of extermination, which the Zionist entity is practicing against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and despite the clear and decisive Egyptian position of rejecting the forced displacement of the Palestinian people to Sinai, and considering that a red line, a position that was agreed upon by all groups and components of the people. However, the Zionist entity, led by the criminal Netanyahu, is still seeking to implement its plan, and has already begun announcing its readiness to carry out its ground attack and invade Rafah, with all the dangers this threat represents to Egyptian national security.

She said: The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate stresses that it is no longer possible to tolerate the massacres carried out by the Zionist entity around the clock over the past months, which claimed the lives of more than 28 thousand Palestinians, most of them children and women, and tens of thousands of missing and wounded.

She added: “It has also become impossible for the person of every living conscience to continue to sit as spectators in the face of the war of genocide and starvation practiced by this racist, usurping entity against our Arab people in Palestine. Silence and the policy of deafening ears are no longer an option in the face of these cowardly operations against women and children.” .

The Egyptian Journalists Syndicate appreciated all the moves that seek to stop this attack, as well as the measures it is taking in anticipation of any developments that the Egyptian-Palestinian border may witness regarding the Zionist attack on Rafah.

The union affirmed that it, and the entire Egyptian people, stands behind all measures aimed at confronting any possible Zionist aggression against Rafah, considering it a direct threat to Egyptian national security, and taking the necessary decisive defensive means.


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