The judge asked about the uncle, the truth was revealed in the defendant’s answer

The judge asked about the uncle, the truth was revealed in the defendant’s answer

The judge asked the defendant, who was tried for drug trafficking in KOCAELİ, about the uncle in his messages. The defendant stated that they called methamphetamine uncle.


On October 24, 2022, Kocaeli Police Department Narcotics Branch teams received information that 22-year-old EA would be carrying drugs. As a result of the studies carried out, EA was stopped in Izmit with the vehicle in motion. During the search of the vehicle, 975 grams of marijuana was found. A cartridge of drugs that EA had hidden in his underwear was seized. The suspect, who was taken into custody, was released on condition of judicial control by the court.

“I bought the drug for 30 thousand TL”

The hearing regarding the incident was held at Kocaeli 4th High Criminal Court. Defendant EA and his lawyer attended the hearing. The defendant EA, who was given the right to speak, said, “I am engaged in the painting business. My monthly income is around 20 thousand TL. I bought the drugs from a person named CA in Hereke, not for trading purposes, but for my own use. I do not accept the crime of drug trafficking. I bought the drug for 30 thousand TL. “I took it and was caught on the way back. I demand my acquittal,” he said.

“Is 30 thousand TL too much for someone to buy drugs?”

The judge asked, “Where did you find 30 thousand TL?” Upon the question, the defendant said, “Is 30 thousand TL too much for someone who smokes drugs?” he replied. The public prosecutor asked, “Did you come to the court drinking drugs, are you high?” On the question, the defendant said that he was just excited.

“Uncle” means methamphetamine

The presiding judge reminded that there were messages regarding drug dealing and asked, “Is there an uncle?” He asked what the uncle in his question was. The defendant said that the uncle mentioned in the messages was methamphetamine and said, “The contents of the messages read were written while I was under the influence of drugs. I do not accept drug dealing.”

Opinion given

The public prosecutor demanded that the defendant be sentenced to 10 years in prison and arrested for drug trafficking. The court board decided to continue the defendant’s trial without arrest and postponed the hearing.


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