The King Salman Relief Center recovers 873 mines through the “Masam” project in Yemen

The King Salman Relief Center recovers 873 mines through the “Masam” project in Yemen

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center “Masam” project was able to clear Yemeni lands of mines during the third week of November 2023, and was able to remove 873 mines in various regions of Yemen, including 5 anti-personnel mines, 113 anti-tank mines, and 755 unexploded ordnance.
The “Masam” team removed one anti-tank mine and 3 unexploded ordnance in Aden Governorate, and in Hajer District in Al-Dhalea Governorate, the team cleared one anti-tank mine and 32 unexploded ordnance.
The team in Hodeidah Governorate was also able to remove 164 unexploded ordnance in Al-Khawkha District, 3 anti-personnel mines, 2 anti-tank mines, and 140 unexploded ordnance in Hays District, and 2 unexploded ordnance in Harib District, Ma’rib Governorate.
In Shabwa Governorate, the team removed 4 unexploded ordnance in Ain District, and in Usaylan District, one anti-personnel mine, two anti-tank mines, and two unexploded ordnance were removed. In Taiz Governorate, the “Masam” team was able to remove 100 anti-tank mines and 400 unexploded ordnance in Al-Mandab District. They removed one anti-personnel mine in Al-Mukha District, 8 unexploded ordnances in Sabar District, and 7 anti-tank mines in Dhubab District.
Thus, the number of mines removed during the month of November rises to 2,345 mines, bringing the number of mines removed since the beginning of the “Masam” project until now to 422,342 mines that were planted randomly in various Yemeni territories to claim more innocent victims from children, women and the elderly.


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