The legacy of sin ‘moves forward’

The legacy of sin ‘moves forward’

Got a new party already…

Two former MPs from the Progressive Party who were expelled from the party Find a new party until you find it.

From the December 7th deadline, both partners must find a party to belong to.

Therefore, both of them are still considered full representatives of the people.

“MP Jae Wutthipong Thonglao”, member ID number 356, is a Prachinburi MP, District 2, under the Chart Patthana Kla Party (CPP).

As for “MP Puad Chaiyamphavan Manphianchit”, member ID number 110 is a Bangkok MP, Chom Thong District, under the Thai Progress Party (TAK).

Both of these parties are quite brave, accepting that MPs have sexual harassment scandals that have been expelled from other political parties. join your own party

Because what followed the 2 MPs as well was the charge of sexual harassment. It is a big matter as an MP if there is a scandal like this. It is seriously unethical.

Did the accepting political party take this into consideration?

This is different from the Thammathirat Party which accepted “Rong Ong Padipat Santipada” into the party even though he was expelled from the Kao Far Party as well. But the causes are different.

In the case of the “Rong Prince” driving to gain political advantage

It is a dirty political game that the Forward Party has brought itself fully into.

But all three cases are the result of the political standards of the progressive party.

In terms of political ideology, the Kao Klai Party must resolve the case of MP Puad and MP Jae to end the process.

The Progressive Party has a very clear policy to create gender equality.

Clearer than all other political parties, it is not something that is overly admired.

Because even small things that have been overlooked for a long time The Move Forward Party also included policies to create gender equality.

The Progressive Party views that Even though many of women’s rights today appear to be equal to men’s, But we also see restrictions on glass ceiling opportunities that make women’s lives more expensive than men’s, such as the cost of sanitary napkins.

The Progressive Party has a policy specifically regarding sanitary napkins.

That is, sanitary napkins do not collect VAT and are given out for free in schools.

1. Abolish the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) on products in the category of sanitary napkins and consumables for reproductive age groups.

2. Distribute free sanitary napkins in educational institutions and sub-district health promotion hospitals (Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospitals) to alleviate the problems of sanitary napkin shortages and period poverty (Period Poverty), especially for menstruating menstruators aged 10-25 years.

Therefore, the policy for women is clear. and in depth like this The Forward Party must not allow the two MPs who were expelled from the party to stand in the House of Representatives.

must be prevented from serving in the House any longer

Must finish combing.

The gender equality dimension of the Progressive Party is considered very deep. has the most progress

How much?

The Forward Party’s policy is clearly written: Women’s career growth opportunities are limited by having to spend time caring for children. including other dimensions of gender equality It’s not just pressure on women.

such as the right to marry including economic conditions access to education and inequality which intensifies the severity of gender inequality.

Under the ideology of wanting to create a society where “people are equal”, the Kaok Kai Party recognizes that creating equality in society It’s not just about campaigning to create awareness.

But we must have policies to concretely solve the root causes of gender inequality. To make people of all genders “There is equality” in this society.

Former MP of the Progressive Party There is a new party. will continue to be an MP

As for the women who were victims of the harassment of the two MPs, how will they live their lives after this?

with ideology To create a society where “people are equal,” the party must move forward.

Don’t think that by expelling yourself from the party, it’s over.

Because of not doing anything further It is equivalent to setting aside a woman who has been violated.

want to hear the sound Female MPs in the Move Forward Party What measures will be taken after this?

I want to hear “Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn” who is strong and moving forward. came out showing a solemn expression Pan will eat blood and flesh 2 MP.

and would like to see “Rangsiman Rome” show off his party transfer ticket. Let society know the ins and outs of finding a new party this time.

All of this must be done!

Because this is part of creating a society where people are equal.

You can take it like this.

When the Forward Party has a policy Create deep gender equality The solution presented by the Progressive Party is to improve laws against sexual violence.

Consisting of amending the Criminal Code and Civil Service Commission regulations to define sexual harassment or harassment. obscene acts and the act of sexual harassment is renewed

To fill the gaps in the law to cover more problems occurring in society.

Promote activities to provide knowledge about sex and undesirable sexual behavior to government agencies. especially Agencies related to the justice process

Require government agencies in the sector involved in the process of resolving issues of sexual harassment/sexual harassment. Data is collected Prepare survey data and continuously prepare reports on such problems every year To develop policy guidelines to be consistent with the direction and behavior of people in society.

What can be done immediately is to propose changes to the law.

Seeing the seriousness of dismantling the Constitution, amending Section 112, issuing the Amnesty Act. It should also be accompanied by a law defining sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has also been changed.

Believe me. The chances of successfully amending the law are many.

More than amending the Constitution, Section 112 and amnesty?

Hurry and do it for “equal people”.

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