The Local Police of San Bartolomé de Tirajana is exhibited

The Local Police of San Bartolomé de Tirajana is exhibited

More than two thousand people, mostly families with small children, participated in the Open Day that the Local Police of San Bartolomé de Tirajana held this Wednesday, between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m., within the social events scheduled on the occasion of the day of its patron saint, the Immaculate Conception.

In the event, organized by the Department of Security and Emergencies directed by Councilor José Carlos Álamo Ojeda, around 125 personnel from the different security and emergency forces that operate in this municipality: Local Police, Firefighters, Civil Guard, National Police, Canarian Police, Civil Protection and Red Cross.

The drone unit of the Telde Local Police, the health emergency company Provital, which carried out a large deployment of technical means, and the 112 air rescue service patrol led by Commander Julio Muñoz Reja, who carried out a striking and complex display of takeoff and rescue for the enjoyment and contentment of the attendees, young and old.

“The helicopter is the queen of the dance,” acknowledged – pointing to the long line of boys and girls waiting to get on it – one of the seven firefighters from the municipality who acted as monitors in this great exhibition of the equipment and vehicles that everyone uses daily. security and emergency bodies and forces. The exhibition took up the entire parking esplanade located between the headquarters of the Local Police Station and the Maspalomas Courts building, which became a coming and going of families and which reached its highest traffic and occupancy around twelve noon.

Mayor Marco Aurelio Pérez took a tour of each and every one of the security forces exhibition stands to greet those in charge and inquire about their services, although he stopped especially with the control and management team of the security forces. mobile unit of the Advanced Command Post (PMA) of this municipality, recently acquired by the City Council to modernize the services of its security and emergency bodies and forces.

«The WFP is representing a pioneering milestone at the Canary Islands level due to its benefits. They were already transferred and used by the Coordination and Emergency Center in the Cumbre fire at the end of last July,” says José Carlos Álamo. The unit, guarded by the municipal Fire Department and also serving Civil Protection, has its own team specialized in the management of drones used for the recognition of surfaces, the search and rescue of people, and also for the visibility of buildings. in cases of fire thanks to its infrared camera. In the sample of the materials used by the security forces and bodies, the importance they are having stood out precisely. the drones as their work tools. In San Bartolomé de Tirajana, its Local Police, Red Cross, Firefighters and Civil Protection already have this equipment for their services.

For the children, the Open Day was a real bustle of whistles and wails of sirens from motorcycles and police cars, and from Red Cross ambulances and fire trucks. The queues of the little ones to get on them, drive them, press their whistles and sound their sirens were incessant. It happened, for example, with the firefighter’s ladder truck, but also to get on the three bouncy castles that the Department of Safety and Emergencies made available at the end of the route, bordering the Hecansa Training Center, where the area was located. of leisure. There, next to the shaded parking lot of the Courts, which was used as a picnic area, the three street food gastronetas or food trucks were also located.

Many young people and minors also showed special interest in the equipment of the National Police and the Civil Guard, including the cardiac resuscitation maneuvers offered to mannequins by the Red Cross lifeguards, and the medical-health services of their ambulances. The four dogs (Dama, Apolo, Shiva and Peca) from the canine unit of the Local Police, perfectly educated.

As a reminder, the Local Police also issued and gave the children their corresponding nominative and accrediting diploma of participation in this informative day. «This is a necessary act to recognize, make visible and become familiar with the work carried out by security and emergency bodies and forces. It is an event to share and coexist with the little ones, so that they understand that these security forces are necessary allies, who can also generate a vocational advantage for many of them,” said José Carlos Álamo. The Local Police also made a circuit of excursions aboard the Maspalomas mini-train available for the enjoyment of the little ones and their families.


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