“The main thing is not to be drunk.” Muscovites are actively booking Santa Clauses | People | Society

“The main thing is not to be drunk.”  Muscovites are actively booking Santa Clauses |  People |  Society

The hunting season for Father Frost and the Snow Maiden has started in Moscow. Now you can order a fabulous tandem at a relatively low price. Aif.ru found out how much it will cost.

Anti-crisis grandfather

Sociological research, traditionally conducted by the tourism industry on the eve of the New Year holidays, states: the majority of Russians (67%) are going to celebrate the New Year 2024 at home. Every ninth person will go to visit relatives or friends, and 2% of citizens do not intend to celebrate at all. But what is New Year without Father Frost and Snow Maiden? At least to please the children.

Muscovites have already started booking congratulations at home from Father Frost and Snow Maiden. On one of the free advertisement sites, aif.ru, this information was confirmed: “Reservations are already in full swing! The sooner you order, the better. There is a possibility that there will be few available places.”

Last year in Moscow, the services of New Year’s animators cost an average of 2.5 thousand rubles. This season, their services have become more expensive, which is confirmed by the prices posted – an in-person visit of fairy-tale characters to their home starts from 3-4 thousand rubles. The New Year’s couple’s performance lasts from 15 to 40 minutes.

“The extended program includes: getting to know the children, round dances, games, dancing, gifts, making wishes.” – said the event manager.

But there are also cheaper options. For example, for 400-600 rubles. Santa Claus will congratulate you via Skype or video call. And for 1 thousand rubles. a man with “extensive experience” (as stated in the ad – editor’s note) promises to congratulate children and adults. At the same time, he makes a broad New Year’s gesture: “If you don’t like it, don’t pay!”

Guaranteed quality

Anyone can submit an advertisement for the services of Santa Claus. True, this form of service did not always end solemnly, so several years ago in Russia they even wanted to create a register of those who came to congratulate clients while drunk. Due to fears of running into a wizard with a weak character in relation to alcohol, Muscovites more often turn to companies that offer the appropriate animator services.

“Our Father Frost and Snow Maiden are professional actors or students of theater universities,” says the manager of one of these companies. “Therefore, the performance will be bright, memorable and unique.”

The prices of such companies are higher, but they also have more guarantees. True, there are also a lot of nuances. For example, one Santa Claus costs almost twice as much as if he comes with the Snow Maiden.

“The minimum price tag is in early December. Until the 15th, the cost of a half-hour congratulations to Santa Claus is from 5.5 thousand rubles. For this money, he and the Snow Maiden will congratulate your baby and play games with him,” says the manager of one of the companies.

And if you realized it at the last moment, then ordering animators closer to the New Year’s date can cost from 6.5 to 9 thousand rubles. On December 31, the price can fluctuate from 12 to 26 thousand. Then, during the January holidays, it gradually decreases.

“If you live outside the Moscow Ring Road, then 100 rubles per kilometer will be added to the cost,” warn the company providing animator services.

And daddy’s eyes

If you decide to save money and act as Santa Claus yourself, then the New Year’s wizard costume will now cost you an average of 6-8 thousand rubles. You can also rent a suit. Then its cost will cost you from 500 rubles. up to 11 thousand rubles. per day – depending on the quality and “richness” of the costume decorations. But the average price is 1-1.5 thousand rubles. A beard can be bought in a specialized store at a price of 400 rubles, and red felt boots – from 700 rubles. But no amount of money can buy a great mood and joyful children’s laughter – it’s eternal.


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