The Minister of Military Production receives representatives of the Emirati EDGE Group to discuss cooperation in military manufacturing

The Minister of Military Production receives representatives of the Emirati EDGE Group to discuss cooperation in military manufacturing

Mustafa Al-Minshawy

Published on: Thursday, February 29, 2024 – 9:31 AM | Last updated: Thursday, February 29, 2024 – 9:31 AM

Engineer Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, received a delegation from “Lahab” and “Nimr” companies, affiliated with the Emirati “Edge” group, at the headquarters of the General Office of the Ministry of Military Production in the government district in the New Administrative Capital.

The Minister stressed the depth and strength of the historical relations and fruitful cooperation relations between Egypt and the Emirates.

During the meeting, a documentary film about the Ministry of Military Production was shown, reflecting the manufacturing, technological, artistic and human capabilities available in military production companies and units, whose primary mission is to meet the demands of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior for their military products (ammunition, weapons, equipment and advanced electronic systems).

Its surplus production capacity is being utilized to manufacture various civil products, according to the latest manufacturing technologies, and it is participating in the implementation of many national projects to promote sustainable and comprehensive development in the country.

The Minister affirmed the Ministry of Military Production’s belief in the importance of integration with the local and international private sector in various fields of manufacturing, noting that Military Production is always working to develop the typical products of its companies, in addition to introducing new products and localizing the latest manufacturing technologies within its subsidiaries.

During the meeting, he revealed the Ministry of Military Production’s aspiration to achieve a strategic partnership that benefits both sides by benefiting from the manufacturing and technological capabilities and human expertise available in military production companies, and in the Emirati companies “Lahab” and “Nimr,” in a way that benefits the development of the munitions and armored vehicle industry in the two countries.

For his part, the director of ammunition development at the Emirati company “Lahab” explained that the company is affiliated with the “Edge” group, which is a pioneer in the production of defense products in the United Arab Emirates, as it produces armored vehicles, missiles, drones, weapons and ammunition, and the group is affiliated with a number of companies specialized in The military field, including “Lahab” Company, which is the only ammunition manufacturer in the UAE and produces small and medium ammunition, artillery ammunition, and bombs of all kinds (aircraft bombs, hand grenades, and tear gas bombs), manufactures mortar shells and smoke cartridges, and provides training, testing, and simulation services in the military field. .

He pointed out that the company has been working in this field for 25 years and is divided into 3 sectors: (Lahab Light Ammunition, Lahab Defense Systems, and Lahab Military Services).

He explained that the advanced technical and technological capabilities of Egyptian military production companies in the field of military manufacturing reflect the industrial boom that Egypt has reached in this field during the recent period and encourages Emirati companies to cooperate with them.

Hamdan Ahmed Al-Jahoushi, senior project engineer at Nimr, confirmed that the Emirati company Nimr is affiliated with the EDGE group, adding that it was founded in 2000 and specializes in manufacturing light and medium-weight armored vehicles.

He revealed Nimr’s keenness to open horizons for cooperation with military production companies within the framework of the distinguished technological, manufacturing, technical, research, human and infrastructure capabilities possessed by its subsidiaries, especially in light of the depth of (Emirati-Egyptian) relations.

He added that the UAE, thanks to its wise leadership and future vision, has achieved a prominent position in the defense industries sector, which is one of the most promising sectors on which the country’s future development plans are based to diversify sources of income.


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